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this has not been a good day
children of dune - leto 1
I have decided that there is no project on earth, professional, open-source, or non-profit, that is at all professional, ever.

As of today, I have written no less than sixty and no more than seventy and change tests for the massive redesign that I have been working on off and on since December. We started system tests (pre-tests) in january. We start primary testing Monday.

As of Tuesday, they 1.) randomly changed the driver flow in a very key place, 2.) randomly changed up the titles and text and 3.) pdfs stopped working for no reason and tasks arent' being created. All of my tests--that took me months to write and rewrite and polish--have to be rewritten.

For the record, I have owned archives, worked on archives, worked on projects, both in fandom and professionally and as a side thing when I got bored. Today when they told me of the horror that is my life, I asked "were they drunk?" and meant it. There is no godmod in fandom who can hit this level of loss of sense.

Then I said, "They are doing it worse than LJ." I have never, ever felt such existential horror as realizing that livejournal's ongoing breaks with reality are less utterly insane than the vendors writing our code. My four spent half the day talking me down, and I have spent the day writing up epic fucking level novel-length defects for this, I am so not kidding, and testing hasn't even started yet.

And they are still better than the previous vendor, so I just--here is what I have learned. Privatization sucks. I have yet to see any benefit at all whatsoever from paying someone to fuck up or letting us hire in house and fucking it up ourselves. At least if it was in-house, there would be a shitload of accountability both professional and also, us showing up to hate them. Accountability as far as state contracts go is more "Did Perry think you were really cool?" which is so fucked up this hurts me.

I have literally spent quality time trying to get my other BFF's husband to take a job with them and take over the project.

There is no excuse and no reason and no possible justification. The tests we write are to protect and help the most fucking vulnerable populations in Texas, people who cannot and do not have the power or even the chance to fight for themselves, and this is tiny, it's such a tiny part of it and not just in the scheme of things but in anything, but it's huge when it works because it's one of the few things that does and let's not lie to ourselves, we are living a Randian utopia and the only thing I am getting satisfaction from is the fact they hit seventy and medicaid is gleaming on the horizon, they have a goddamn religious experience with the value of the safety net. Our net is not a great one, and honestly none of them are all that sturdy, but a whole bunch of shitty safety nets means there's a better than average chance you can get a fingerhold in one of them before you hit the ground, or at least break your fall enough so you can stand up again. It makes all of so much less than we are that this is the best we can hope for. Rome pulled off this shit better.

It does not help that it takes them facing vulnerability to admit it exists; I do not forgive that it is not and never will be about others but always about themselves. I do not on a fundamental level of my existence get how anyone can decide that another person's pain is just not worth even the pretext of caring on the basic survival level of food, clothing, shelter, medical care; I am not even rarified enough at this point to imagine they would understand feelings here, I'm asking remedial level ability to work with the human experience of living; I don't forgive that lack within them either. I have this horrible, uncomfortable feeling that these kinds of breaks is how you get fanatics, and people, I am happy being lazy, but a fire could motivate me to move, and the metaphorical equivalent seems to be getting a lot larger these days and inertia is goddamn dangerous when motion is involved.

So my week, not good. There is the possibility that I will be taking cities in the name of a working social safety net program, so I'm taking applications for followers. Must have a working empathy, a strong desire to do good, and a fanatical desire to burn every copy of Atlas Shrugs you come across. I'm open to further suggestions on method, but I think I got the goal down cold.

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I live in a country that used to have a working safety net, but it is being dismantled and iI'm so angry I could--yeah, I'll follow you.

I agree re privatization; it *never* saves money and it *always* screws the pooch. it's big round here cos our county is so damn poor, and we just get ripped off every damned time.

pox rot the conservatives' rank, festering arses; may the fleas of a thousand camels forever infest their bedrolls, may all their relatives suck semen for money, and may their miserable excuses for dicks rot off and follow their nonexistent brains into the dustbin of history.
*so mote this be*

on a lighter note, it's ever so fun watching Raunch Limpdick's advertisers run for the hills and radio stations dropping his show. couldna happen to a nicer lad, eh?

ps, me an' my mate might be up for this followers schtick. I definitely think Atlas Shrugs is execrable, horribly-written, self-serving dreck. Ayn Rand never worked a day in her useless life, she sponged off her followers till the day she kacked.

California has a pretty good online interface now, called c4yourself. I've only known about it a few months, but it does the things you're talking about, and does them clean and quick, and it's *secure* and does not belong to a 3rd party vendor.

Texas sounds like a seriously not-fun place to be anything other than straight white christian and male. well that leaves me out!

Sorry you had a bad week.

Viva la revolution!

Sorry about your crappy week. Let me know when you activate your application process. After months of listening to would-be leaders saying that the problem is giving too many poor people a shot at surviving, I'm really interested in joining.

Edited at 2012-03-08 11:08 am (UTC)

I'm in. I'm so in. The world just doesnt make sense to people with an ounce of empathy right now, with a gram of empathy, and it seems like there are a lot of sociopaths running things. Or malicious aliens, im not sure which.

And I am sorry about your week, darling heart.

I'll be on the front lines with you.
This weekend, my best friend from birth visited. She's a child welfare social worker downstate and spent most of the weekend decompressing on my couch and telling me about her clients. I'd thought a few years ago about going into social work, but I"m better off in the occult community, where I can punch people in the head if they piss me off and the only thing that happens is I lose a sale.

I think Clark needs to look big-eyed at Lex and have him take over. Or Lex decide on his own that although he might be evil, he can't stand stupidity, and re-vamp the whole system. With horrible punishments for those that don't understand that this shit is important. I'm mean I'm all for you taking over developing the world's safety nets, but I'm not sure you would have time to write, and I'm against that as a general principle.

Count me in.

I'll man the barricades. I have kids classified as homeless and ones who ought to be placed in care but they lie so they don't leave their parents.

We are judges by how we treat those less fortunate.

I'm in, I'll help organize people, get them where they need to go and be very, very annoyingly polite to rude people until they burst a blood vessel. I just ask that we don't forget Puerto Rico during the revolution.

I have yet to see any benefit at all whatsoever from paying someone to fuck up or letting us hire in house and fucking it up ourselves. At least if it was in-house, there would be a shitload of accountability both professional and also, us showing up to hate them.

So, so true.

And sign me up for the revolution. I think much of the ills of legislature can be put down to people making laws that will never affect them personally (whether true or just what they think). May they all truly live in the world they create..

Edited at 2012-03-25 01:48 pm (UTC)

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