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question for people who order custom items in bulk
children of dune - leto 1
I am kind of currently looking for a way to get customized stress balls for my unit that are like some kind of computer-related shape, are very squeezable and able to bounce without harm off walls, windows, or posibly other people's heads (by accident, of course) with our unit name on it. All the places I'm looking at require at least a minimum number of 100 or so or are really expensive. Does anyone have anyplace they've used or have heard good things about that have a much smaller minimum?

Help is appreciated, thank you.

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I have no useful suggestions, but it's always a positive sign when workers look at getting stress balls en masse, you know?

While I'm sure this is a genuine request, I also know you enjoyed writing "stress balls".

Well, I don't know precisely how helpful this will be, as I've never ordered for a business. However, we order bulk items for our clubs and sororities, so I know some of the suppliers my university uses.

The main companies we use are Speedy T's, BlueSodaPromo, and inkHead. However, I think they all have minimums of 100, though I can vouch (if you do decide to get a larger order) that both BlueSodaPromo and inkHead are fantastic to order from.

For lower minimums, some of our sororities on campus use LogoMe (minimum 50) and Garrett (minimum 75). I'm afraid I've never heard of any bulk orders of less than fifty. LogoMe is more prevalent than Garrett, though I've no idea whether that's because they're better or if it's just the one everyone knows.

Hope some of this helps!

Why would you want fewer than 100? ;-)

I have to ask: What do you consider expensive? I work for a healthcare system and we frequently purchases items like you describe. Of course, as with any bulk item, the more you buy, the lower the cost.
I have multiple catalogs that have pricing for items such as this, but I can tell you that prices will be lower if you stick with a simple shape (circle) with a one-color imprint (black or white).

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