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Texas Women's Health Program and Current Texas Law
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Thank you to [personal profile] amireal who sent me the link to the article.

New Texas rule could end Women's Health Program

This is why, paraphrased from the article:

Last year, the Republican controlled Texas Legislature passed a law that made it illegal for the state to provide Medicaid funds to a doctor or clinic that is affiliated with an organization that provides elective abortions, even if the institution receiving the money does not provide them.

This directly contradicts federal law which makes it illegal for the state to pick and choose which qualified health care providers receive state funding.

This was signed on Thursday by HHSC Commissioner. So you know, we're screwed.

As of now, Texas will lose its funding for WHP and the WHP program will effectively cease to exist.

I'm going to tell you a not-secret; there is literally no way to win on this one. Even if the Federal government buckles, most poor women use Planned Parenthood. Sometimes, it's the only clinic available in an area. So you know, it's kind of cut off most women in Texas if the Feds okay it, or cut off all women if they don't. It will cut off most women in the country if the Federal government does buckle, because I'm pretty sure the word 'precedent' can be invoked at this point.

Y'know. Republicans screw women, must be a day ending in a y. Carry on.

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I know it's horrible but I hope the Federal govt doesn't cave on this one. Because it will set a precedent and other states will start picking and choosing what funds go where without regard to the law.

I know. I can't even. Flames on the side of my face. It just. keeps. getting. "better." At least with my new job at my work, I don't have to watch them make these bullshit laws anymore, so thank God for small favors.

And then the law makers bitch about people (*coughlowincomewomen*) being on welfare with five or more kids. Because they "chose" not to use birth control. It's like viewing this shit from the rabbit hole, IDEK.

...At least in the rabbit hole Alice could kick some ass. And have the Mad Hatter at her back. *issofuriousicouldscream*

I just got this from Planned Parenthood about a similar move in Ohio

During a time when the state legislature was scheduled to be in recess – when no committees or voting sessions were scheduled until March 13 - Rep. Lynn Wachtmann is calling his House Health and Aging Committee back to conduct a second hearing on HB 298, the bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

The hearing, during which proponent testimony will be accepted, has been scheduled for next Tuesday, February 28 beginning at 9:30am in Room 116 of the Statehouse.

If you can, please plan to join us at the Statehouse that morning to let Rep. Wachtmann and the committee members know that we are watching them and will hold them accountable for their ongoing War on Women.

The sponsors of HB 298 claim that this “legislation…will defund entities that perform abortions or maintain or operate a facility where abortions are performed. Planned Parenthood in Ohio serves as a prime example of such an entity.”

Defunding Planned Parenthood in Ohio would impact the delivery of critical health care services to nearly 100,000 people, most of them low-income.

In these tough economic times, women should have access to essential health care services such as breast and cervical cancer screening, birth control, and prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases by the health care provider of their choice.

Nice job, holding hearings to move the bill along while the legislature is supposed to be in recess. I've already sent emails and I may try to show up for the hearing. They really HATE women.

These fuckheads aren't going to stop until the Handmaid's Tale is reality. One can't pretend Republicans aren't carrying on a deliberate, states-wide war on women at this point, you just can't.

Where's my agree button when I need one? Urgh.

It's almost shameful that my state is the first to do this shit. In many ways I am proud to be a Texan, but not right now. D:

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