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i'm at an apocalyptic crossroads
children of dune - leto 1
Person Who Will One Day Become Warlord-Ruler Of What Was Once Nebraska Born In Omaha Hospital

Okay, I'm torn; it's not like I want to spend my undead existence in a pink vat miles below sea level dreaming of my own voiceless screams of horror while Child fruitlessly tries to clone me in his skull-shaped Pacific Island headquarters surrounded by mindless minions (some of whom will have such colorful names as The Murder of Crows, The Albatross of Despair, The One Without a Cool Name, look, he's fifteen and plays Magic the Gathering after school; what do you expect?), nor am I entirely comfortable with his plans to create a hybrid human-reptile army (or a cockroach-human hybrid army for radiation survival purposes).

But. I am his mother, and he brings me coffee when I want it. Should I tell him about this Nebraska threat or not?

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I feel strongly that if it's a choice between some random anonymous Evil Overlord and your son becoming the Evil Overlord, you should support his ambitions. Otherwise, you're just giving him something else to talk to his therapist about.

It's a toss up, isn't it? :P

Look, that kid? Born here in Omaha. No matter what the future version of that reporter knows, he's neglected one small fact: everyone in Nebraska gets sucked into the cult of Nebraska football. That child's ambitions will no doubt be channeled into a position on the defensive line, where he'll terrorize quarterbacks and get so many concussions he'll forget his plans for world domination.

Your kid has nothing to worry about.

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