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vidrec - cat's in the cradle
children of dune - leto 1
Cat's in the Cradle by daasgrrl - House/Sherlock/Fortysomething

From her summary:
Summary: In the beginning, there was Sherlock Holmes. And Holmes brought forth the brilliant doctor House, embodied by the lovely Hugh Laurie. Who prior to that in Fortysomething played a slightly less brilliant doctor, Paul Slippery, who begat three sons, the eldest of whom was played by the equally-lovely-if-somewhat-peculiarly-named Benedict Cumberbatch. Who of course grew up to play Sherlock. And the Universe looked upon its work and pronounced it good. And then my head exploded.

In a variety of ways, this is like, a metatextual moebius strip of awesome. The echoing scenes between House and Sherlock interspersed with the fortysomething clips (I have never seen the show, but good God, I kinda want to now) with good flow and just--I love it. There's so much to chew on.

Yes, it's 4 AM but one, I have tomorrow off and two, Friday's dr appointment was both stressing and relieving. I leave it to you to make that excuse hold water.

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Oh, I'm so happy and amazed that everyone and their cat is now reccing this vid! I discovered it late last night (and then stayed up VERY LATE to keep watching and rewatching) and it is mindblowing and breathtaking and paradigm shifting and I love your description 'metatextual moebius strip of awesome'!

Daasgrrl = genius.

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