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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's not like I don't live my life waiting for skynet to show up
children of dune - leto 1
Dear Uncanny Valley,


No love,

I'm saying, when is the time we pull out our I, Robot, Bladerunner and Terminator to treat them as the necessary survival documents they are? Maybe when the android gets to star in its own play about itself? You think?

It's so weird to watch that; even knowing--scientifically, or at least, wikipedially--the nature of my reaction, it does not change my instinctive kill it with fire in any rational way. There are reasons a lot of horror movies are about things that shouldn't be moving that suddenly start moving, you know? Wax figures, mannequins, androids that blink and turn their head in ways that make me want an axe. You know. The usual.

I'm curious; the uncanny divide threshhold is different for everyone; does this hit yours, or what does hit yours?

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I was fine with it until they first showed that little half-smile on her face. To me it doesn't look like the "I'm waiting for my lover"-smile they were going for obviously, but more a "I am just biding my time until you turn your back"-smirk. urgh.

...and now that is how I will see it, too.

*haggard* I will never sleep again*

THOSE EYES. They lost me at the hands. The second they came on screen it was all over.

Humanity is so very, very screwed.

Oh oh, that's disturbing.

For me it's the jerky movements of the head combined with the almost lifelike facial features. It's like, in my mind I hear gears clicking as her head turns. *shudders*

What I find disturbing is that there is an entire school of computer programing which basically uses Maslow's hierarchy of needs rather than a Asmov based core programing. I can't help but feel that robots who are, at their core, entirely self-motivated is a BAD IDEA.

entire school of computer programing, AI programing I mean. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilden%27s_Laws_of_Robotics

Argh. Creepycreepycreepy. So wrong in so very many ways. And not just the careful non-mention of 'lovebots' in everybody's minds here, because 'Ghost in the Shell' and Gibson's meatpuppets and ick... but the fact that AI is likely to develop along completely non-human and possibly insectile lines, so you'll have almost-people who think like spiders or something...

And I'm not sleeping well tonight. (And should probably lay off the rich chocolate truffles, too.)

a researcher at MIT's media lab, who is working on giving computers emotions, once told me she'd never seen Terminator.

Be afraid.

I still think it's just a matter of time before either the apes or the robots enslave humanity.

Nope, mine isn't triggered at all. I find her kind of cute and want to help her discover ther world.

I... am a strange person :D

I agree that this is 100% proof of the Uncanny Valley theory -- except for the part where I am supposedly going to stop feeling revulsion and start loving it again if only they make it even MORE human.

Never, never, never. Pass me an ax.

Eh, it doesn't creep me out, but neither do I find it particularly convincing. The jerky movements are all wrong.

Kinda looks like that ghost girl from the Ring movies.

...oh my God I hate you. That movie....*shudders*

Now I'll see it too. brb, throwing quilts over the television.

SHUDDER. For my response, see my icon. (Screw the axe; I don't wanna get so near that thing.)

Her or the creepers staring at her. Whoo boy every time I watch I can't figure out which one I want to run away from most.

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