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just a note
children of dune - leto 1
Note for the future--I could watch Castiel's acts of violence set to Set Fire to the Rain for the rest of my life. Youtube is kind enough to supply a lot of those. Okay, three so far, but then there's Rolling the Deep and it's like, I want more fire and finger-snap death and you know, bloody trenchcoats.

I'm so glad I'm in fandom right now or that entire paragraph would be terribly, terribly worrisome.

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He definitely had style.

Guh. He does violence like porn.

I could watch Castiel's acts of violence set to Set Fire to the Rain for the rest of my life.

That actually sounds very beautiful. A lot of SPN would fit that song but him especially.


It's funny; there are three vids I watched for the song with Castiel and if I could recut and smoosh them together, it woudl be like, the perfect vid.

Castiel needs more fingersnap death-dealing. And when did a bloody trenchcoat become hot? When he wore it, that's when.

I apologise in advance for pimping a vid I made myself, but given the content of this post I genuinely think it might be something you might want to see:


Feel free to take away my fangirl credentials.

Bookmarking now nad checking it as soon as I get home.

*SQUEE* Thank you!

That broke my heart. So much.

Why do they do this to us??? :( :(

Not gonna lie, part of what keeps me watching this season is the hope he gets resurrected (again) somehow.

I see no reason not to resurrect him. Seriously.

And if I'd seen this reply earlier on Friday afternoon, I might have commented about having the vague recollection of Misha having implied (if not outright stated) on Twitter that he's not done with the show yet. But then Saturday afternoon I got around to watching Friday night's ep, and there he is in the teaser for this week, so.

Castiel-dealt violence. To music.


(Nothing to contribute here but my agreement.)

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