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i need a less specialized sense of humor, granted

Sometimes, you find a line so perfect you don't even really need context; in fact, you realize in your heart you will never understand the context. Or like, what the hell. Because it's just that goddamn perfect line.

I'll even accept people hating on Gamzee for his murderclown spree, despite the fact that he's my favorite, because Juggalo junkie murderclowns making out with their boyfriend's severed heads are admittedly not to everyone's taste, but seriously, Tavros?

Granted, I read a lot of incest and bestiality, but Nazis are where I draw the line.

Both I ran across on fail-fandomanon and saved back to read later in a spirit of wonder. Recording here for later moments where I feel the universe sucks and then I remember murderclowns and anti-Nazi bestiality and it's like, I love fandom like a lot, because these are kind of beautiful.

(One thing I regret about my job is that all our one-liners involve levels of bureaucraticese that aren't available to teh sane, mixed with tester-specific programming slang and acronyms referring to the Medicaid hierarchy and spend-down. Oh my God the hilarity, if you are one of thirteen people in the world. The Medicaid hierarchy only makes sense if you actually own the powerpoint explaining it and memorized it, or your mother helped design it so you were brainwashed, and oh, the jokes I could tell. That make no sense. Unless you'd like to read the powerpoint? It's in color!)

Currently googling on the murderclown. It makes me happy.

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