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he shouldn't be so pretty, is what i'm saying

*thoughtful* And to think there were times in my life at work where I was bored. Tentatively, I do not have that problem now. Sometimes I dream of spreadsheets, and you know what? I like it. This development is under review for incipient worry that I'm penciling in for real consideration in Julyish. Maybe early September at the latest.

In other news:

CBS casts its Sherlock Holmes and SPOILER ALERT--it's Jonny Lee Miller, which is a problem since I don't feel this interpretation will end well (in New York, even, Christ) but I would watch Miller and find it riveting television if he were watching paint dry, see the problem here? I even watched a truly hideous and terrible Mansfield Park interpretation (we shall never speak of this again) just to see him trotting around in knee breeches. Hence, you can imagine my reaction to the latest Emma (knee-breeches, horse, walking with finely muscled thighs and whatnot) has pretty much left me panting, and I am not one to pant unrequited. Again, I watched that awful Mansfield Park and that's like, one step off rabid-fan territory for me.

In really other news:

If I asked nicely, could someone direct me to The West Wing Josh/Donna fics? Yes, I read Speranza's, and that was like, only a page and hello, fangirl, I need more.

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