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in an era of vids, there were recs
children of dune - leto 1
This Is War by dreadnus - All Treks - it took me a couple of watches to really get into it, but even the first time it was a powerful vid on peace and the wars that are supposed to secure it.

Everything You Want by spookifbi8 - Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock - this Vertical Horizon song is one of my always-watch in vids. It helps that it's an excellent Kirk/Spock.

What Do You Want From Me by caserox76 - Star Trek Reboot, James Kirk - the vid is an interesting watch, but I can honestly say it's the fact this song is so completely Jim Kirk that drew me in. Some nice cuts, a little muddled but some great pov and direct object shifting.

Running Up That Hill by gin1119 - Star Trek TOS, Kirk/Spock - technically, this isn't the strongest response I've seen to the Closer vid responses, and it's not entirely consistent, but some of the mirroring is genuinely unsettling when watching it as a response.

When You Call My Name by juicy1111 - Supernatural, Dean/Castiel - I really don't need to explain why this one kills me.

Not Enough by michaelvm92 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cast - contains both text and speakover, but very powerful season six vid of the cast.

After the Fall by pinkpaperclouds - Sherlock BBC, General - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - Wow. Gorgeous.

The Weight of Us by tomorrowsrain - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/Watson (esque) - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - Kinda broke my heart.

Sherlock and Lust by deductism - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/Irene - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - Very nice cutting, really appropriate song.

Don't Be Dead by deductism - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - Again, heart, broken, thanks series 2!

Hallelujah by hotandcoldcollision - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock- SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - I need to find out who is singing this one so as to add to my Hallelujah playlist. Soft and a little haunting.

I Would Have Died, I Would Have Loved You All My Life by JateCharaireFATE - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - beautiful Sherlock/John, and pretty much heartbreaking altogether. I especially like the scene choices here, they're pretty much flawless.

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That's Imogen Heap singing "Hallelujah." It's definitely a good one.

(My iTunes library has 16 separate covers of "Hallelujah," not counting versions by Leonard Cohen himself. Too many? Um. Possibly.)

I am 99% sure that that version of "Hallelujah" is sung by Imogen Heap.

I just spent... uhh... maybe 2 hours... trying to find that version of Hallelujah.

It's Imogen Heap from the season finale of Season 3 of The O.C. I can't find the song anywhere online to buy legally--as part of an album or as a single.

I found a 320kbps download of it, though, finally.

Ooh, thanks for these. ... Now to go bawl over Sherlock some more. ::wibble::

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