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television in current retrospect
children of dune - leto 1
I just discovered Roswell for free on Amazon Prime. The only reason I was ever interested in watching it was to get context for jengrrrl's Michael/Maria, and that was in the day that you could not download episodes or stream them so I had to watch current episodes and read summaries.

...God, how did we survive? I mean, there were mailed tapes, but I just realized I don't own a VCR anymore. Okay, digression, moving on.

One, I'm weirded out by how many of my favorite songs are on here. I mean, I resigned myself to a terrifying amount of SV and Dawson's Creek related playlists, but there's a really uncomfortable realization that the WB was far more insidious than I ever expected; I have a horrible feeling that if I were to check soundtracks for WB shows from when WB opened until, oh, today, a terrifying amount of my most played music was played on one of their shows or introduced by them.

Also, Max and Michael are ungodly hot. Are their cheekbones made of razors or something?

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Wait, does Amazon Prime have the original music, or the music from the DVDs? Cause the DVDs changed it.


the shows on the WB always had the most amazing music. I was always a big Charmed fan and they always had great bands playing at the sisters' club.

But when it comes to the DVDs of shows like Roswell, they change most of the music so they don't have to pay licensing fees. It was a real shock, to put the episode on, and when a pivotal moment set to music happens, something strange comes out.

The first show I tried to watch all of was TNG. And in order to make sure I got every episode, I bought the official guide to the show, then highlighted each ep as it came up on syndication. I remember thinking it was a big advancement when the internet came along and I could find the episode list online instead of in a book!

The most frustrating quest was due South for me. All those episodes released on VHS...but only in Canada. Seeing the tapes available on eBay was torture. i remember when I finally got the tape of the pilot...

Ugh that show. I used to watch the reruns all the time on the Sci-Fi Channel, I looooooved it. Colin Hanks' little face! The Sheriff's son! Michael and Maria! (...the only person I didn't like was Max, really)

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