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from the great massive universe of things i did not know
children of dune - leto 1
Does alcohol burn off in cooking?

You know, the scary part is, reading the logic and remembering high school chemistry, this really should have been self-evident. And yet.

I'll accept any counter-arguments, because hello, my mind is blown. Also, you do not have to eat your pork well done. Let's all thank cracked because mind? Blown.

I feel like such a loser. A loser that should have been cooking things with everclear for work parties. Would have livened them up right quick.

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That's why the double boiler was invented in the first place. Ancient Egyptian chemists couldn't heat alcohol over a fire without burning it off, which was killing their research until they put a pot of water between the fire and the pot of alcohol. According to legend an Alexandrian woman scholar named Mary invented that, leading to the name it goes by in Europe, the "bain Marie" (Mary's bath).

cracked is uber-educational.

alcohol cooking off

Yeah, Alton Brown did a Good Eats where they demonstrated how much bourbon cooked off in cornbread recipe; not much.

And yeah, supposedly you can now safely cook pork until an internal temp of 145 but uhh no thank you. Even if all the pork produced in America is "effectively" parasite free I've taken too many parasitology classes to trust that.

I feel I should apologize to my teetotaler roomie for trying to get her to eat coq au vin. o.0

Come on now; nothing's worse at a work party than some alcoholic pig.

this is actually really, really upsetting.

yeah, they're right, not much cooks off, really. not even when you flame it, there's always some left. even putting beer in a pot of chili and cooking it for a long time, there's still gonna be alcohol in it.

I know cos it always gives me heartburn, even if there's just a taste of it my stomach gets annoyed.

as for the pork -- nah. so not going there, know too damn much microbiology, and not about to trust the meat producers to keep me safe. watch Fast Food Nation, you'll never order another fast food burger again, serio.

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