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sherlock: a scandal in belgravia begins!


1.) Well done. Very, very well done.
2.) Pants. Oh, pants.

ETA: 3.) Hello, Mycoft, you're a fucking dick.

4.) Well played, Ms Adler.

5.) I like her. Am I supposed to like her? I like her. They--something--with them. It's hot.

6.) Mycroft, what the fuck? WHAT DID YOU SAY TO MS HUDSON?

7.) And Mycroft is off his game like whoa. I can only assume he's trying to hook up Irene and Sherlock. Otherwise, this makes no sense.

8.) ...oh my. Okay, the Watson and Sherlock the girlfriend was interesting, but oh, Mycroft and Sherlock. Ohhh.

9.) Hello fucking terrifying anatomy lesson.

10.) And holy shit.

11.) ...okay, I would have guessed that about Mycroft.

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