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vidders and converters, please
children of dune - leto 1
Vidders or people who do video conversions regularly:

Anyone have any advice on converting from avi to mp4? I'm using handbrake and just went with the presets for this first test and set it to optimized for streaming, but if anyone has any advice/recommendations on another (free) program or what I should do to create a Kindle-friendly preset, your advice would be gratefully accepted.

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I've been using Movavi. They have a free trial version you can download, and it's been working great for me. The "iPhone" preset (480x320, H.264 .mp4) seems to work best on eReader Tablets, from both my tests and checking out the conversion forums.

Okay, I take that back. I'm rewatching my converted vid file, and the Movavi watermark is SUPER annoying. The conversion is gorgeous and clear, the file size is right (bumping it up to the iPad preset at 640x480 tends to cause errors on playback, from what I've seen, and can cause some strange resolution issues on the smaller screen). But that watermark is brutal, and I don't really want to pay $40 for it.

I'm going to give FormatFactory another try. Apparently there's been a bug-fix update recently, and I've got my fingers crossed. Here at CNET.

Delurking to say I've been using iPodMe to convert avi files to watch on my android phone and it's been pretty good so far. It only has a few simple options to choose from, but the video quality is pretty good. I use it on the "fast-quality" setting. Sound sometimes gets desynced if I pause/resume the video too much, but I don't know if it's a conversion bug or if it's my phone - it's usually easily fixed by skipping back a couple of minutes.

Any Video Converter (http://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/) is absolutely my favorite converter that I've used. Although usually I use it to take mkv to avi so I couldn't tell you how it handles mp4s only that it is an option and I've been very happy with their quality so far. So probably worth a shot to play with.

This: http://www.mirovideoconverter.com/
-- is totally my favorite. Free, tiny and fast, but does a beautiful job.

I use Handbrake (and don't have any knowledge of Kindle), and am thus no further use. Sorry dear.

Good luck!

http://www.freemake.com/ Don't know about Kindle, but this one converts from avi to mp4 :)

(sorry, forget password from LJ, so anon)

I like Format Factory. It does practically everything.

I was wondering if you'd ever have problems with the wi-fi in your kindle? And if you would know of a way to fix it? I just got my Fire yesterday and not a single page will load, it just times out despite supposedly being connected.

At this rate I'll have to exchange it for another one. ;___;

Whoa, no, not when I have at least a fair signal. Um, some questions if you have time, maybe I can narrow it down?

1.) On your signal strength, at the top right, how many bars does it show before it goes out?

2.) Do you have a router, and if you do, is it secured with a password, and if so, have you entered the password in the Kindle correctly? Your router log can tell you if it connected correctly or if it's disconnecting because the password is wrong.

Otherwise, yeah, it may be defective wi-fi.

Annoying enough, it's working perfectly on the unprotected wireless at work. Argh.

At my home network though, it shows from two to three bars, which I wouldn't consider that weird because I'm in the farthest corner from the router. But it always says it's connected.

I've checked the password, and yeah, it's correct. A coworker suggested changing the wireless name and password, and the internet suggest to change the radio frequence, of which I'd never heard before in my life.

At least now I know it's my router, I guess...

the internet suggest to change the radio frequence, of which I'd never heard before in my life.

Did they mean 'channel' by any chance? Depending on how many people in your area have/use wireless routers, that might help. I've had to flip around before to get a clear signal before I switched form g to n wireless standard, which gave me a lot more empty channels to use.

Depending on our router, there's a page with wireless settings and it will have a box/dropdown for Channel that will probably say Automatic and you cna change that.

An easy way to find out if your wireless has heavy interference is this:


You download it on your computer with a wireless connection and then open it once it's installed and I think click Scan. Then it will show a list of all the routers in your area that are taking up bandwidth at the top of the page (note: could be a lot). Find yours by the name it uses when you see it on your computer to connect to it on the top of the page, then use the color code to find it in the graph below. If it's covered up with a lot of differnet other colored lines, that means that the channel it is on is heavily used. See if there's a channel with fewer lines on it on the graph (example; on the insssider page at the bottom is a screenshot. One through 3 have a lot of lines all overlapping each other heavily, but later numbers have less to none; you like the ones with less to none) switch to that number on your router and see if that helps.

It could also be that a wireless computer in your home is using a ton of bandwidth and so the Kindle doesn't have any, but example, I run a server in the house and it's happened maybe once while I was reallllly experimental, so unless someone is logging in and stealing your bandwidth for torrent downloading, probably not that.

Does that make sense? If you want to try it, depending on your router brand, I can walk you through the steps. I know this looks complicated, but it's mostly just a lot of stuff to look at, note, and then make a change. A logic problem, if you will.

Thanks for the tips! I tried that but it didn't really work.

Then I spent ages and ages on the phone with my internet provided and after setting the, uh, encription or something? to WEP instead of WAP2, it miraculously worked! And now I can finally enjoy the fire. :)

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