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kindle fire, redux

This is a more detailed version of the instructions here to make your Kindle recognize bookcovers from Calibre. Reproducing here in its entirety. This version will work if the other didn't. I tested it a couple of times to verify.

Bookcovers in Calibre to Kindle Fire
- Go to Books->Device and delete all Calibre-created fanfic in there. If you are having problems with your regular books as well, delete all those too.
- Go to Books->Cloud and repeat only with the fanfic
- Using any file manager app, go to the Books folder, repeat with fanfic
- Using any file manager app, go to the Documents folder, repeat with fanfic
- Close file manager
- click the Settings gear at the top of your Kindle Fire
- select More..
- select Applications
- select Filter by > All Applications
- click Amazon Kindle
- click the buttons "Force Stop", "Clear Data", Clear Cache"
- go back to Home
- restart your Kindle
- make sure you are online and select Books->Cloud
- redownload your books
- open Calibre on your desktop.
- check your fanfic to make sure you like the covers. If you want to make a new one, get the Covers plugin and go to town.
- reconvert any MOBI that you haven't already if it came from AO3 and may have the [Pdoc] tag in it somewhere.
- hook up your Kindle to your laptop.
- Click on Save to Disk->Save only MOBI format to disk in a single directory (validate this is the Books folder)

That should work to fix any problems remaining.

Happy Kindling! Every day with a Fire is an adventure.

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