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kindle fire, redux
children of dune - leto 1
This is a more detailed version of the instructions here to make your Kindle recognize bookcovers from Calibre. Reproducing here in its entirety. This version will work if the other didn't. I tested it a couple of times to verify.

Bookcovers in Calibre to Kindle Fire
- Go to Books->Device and delete all Calibre-created fanfic in there. If you are having problems with your regular books as well, delete all those too.
- Go to Books->Cloud and repeat only with the fanfic
- Using any file manager app, go to the Books folder, repeat with fanfic
- Using any file manager app, go to the Documents folder, repeat with fanfic
- Close file manager
- click the Settings gear at the top of your Kindle Fire
- select More..
- select Applications
- select Filter by > All Applications
- click Amazon Kindle
- click the buttons "Force Stop", "Clear Data", Clear Cache"
- go back to Home
- restart your Kindle
- make sure you are online and select Books->Cloud
- redownload your books
- open Calibre on your desktop.
- check your fanfic to make sure you like the covers. If you want to make a new one, get the Covers plugin and go to town.
- reconvert any MOBI that you haven't already if it came from AO3 and may have the [Pdoc] tag in it somewhere.
- hook up your Kindle to your laptop.
- Click on Save to Disk->Save only MOBI format to disk in a single directory (validate this is the Books folder)

That should work to fix any problems remaining.

Happy Kindling! Every day with a Fire is an adventure.

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Dude. That is a job of work, right there.

*cuddles my Nook Color lovingly*

*grins* You and your Nook!

Kindle acts more like a computer than just a reader in some ways, and so the easiest solutions are basically the ones I'd use on my laptop; clear the cache. Though the Pdoc tag for Kindle is so not helping. I cant' even tell which mobi files I get have it, so I have to reconvert.

I LOOOOOVE my Nook Color! I might go for the Nook Tablet someday, but right now, the Color does everything I want and it's only $200 now, which rocks. Definitely, when I get something hung up, I do a hard restart/clear cache and things go back to normal. It really does act like a tablet computer, more than a reader like my sister's traditional Kindle. Which is darn handy, since I understand computers better than readers.

I have to say, loading TV eps onto it, plugging it into my car stereo for surround audio, and then taking a road trip? Greatest thing EVER! Also, I can just yank the MicroSD card out and use my card reader to load and organize files, avoiding the whole connection/recognition issue when plugging it in directly via USB (my computer recognizes it as an external drives, but the folder structure is kind of hinky somehow when reading direct).

Edited at 2011-12-31 10:28 pm (UTC)

Just wanted to let you know, I'm reading and enjoying all your Kindle posts. I don't have a Fire, but have a brand new regular basic Kindle, and still a lot of this is relevant. \o/ My mom 'got me one' for Christmas and one for my daughter too, and we're both enjoying the heck out of it... we're behind the times, but having an e-reader is SO AWESOME!

Thank you!

I just got my first ereader thsi year and never looked back. Just. Yes. I finally get it. And being able to carry my entire library everywhere is just too tempting!

ikr?! I don't know if you saw my post, but for example, once things stabilized last night in the emergency room, I was like OH WAIT I HAVE FIC AND BOOKS IN MY PURSE!!!! \o/ There aren't even televisions in those cubicles, and son was by then too zoned to even talk.

okay that's an extreme example, but the point remains. LOVE IT. I figured out how to put fic on it and have found all this free stuff and it's just... WALLOW

next up is checking the library borrowing thing... I literally have my card here for doing that. I accidentally have Amazon Prime (don't ask haha) so there's free borrowing with that too, but it turns out that's one book per MONTH lol, total, for free. But still, it's good for a new bestseller or whatever.

I have to admit I wish it was a Kindle because movies. But no matter, I do have a laptop.

Do you have a recommendation of a good way to flag fic for bookmarking from the Kindle itself? I've loaded all the Yuletide fic I'm reading onto my touch but can't find an easy way to then mark which ones I've read and am ready to go back and bookmark on Pinboard.

Direct from download to Touch, no, and not visible on the Touch at all. However, if you go through Calibre, you can create a meta field to mark which you have read and which you haven't.

Hmm. Ideally I want to figure out a way to do it on the Touch itself, because if I'm on my computer using Calibre
I can just open Pinboard directly. I tried creating a bookmark using the native Kindle system and was totally baffled by it.

Maybe I should just click through to AO3 on the "experimental" web browser when I've finished a story and bookmark it there directly.

Wait, I figured it out! Easiest to just have all the unread fics in a collection named as such, and when I finish reading them on the go transfer them over to a read collection. Then I can play with bookmarking and fixing up metadata on Calibre (it's all pre-reveal downloads) when I'm home with time. :)

Is there a comm for fannish Kindle users where we can pool all our knowledge for evil for good?

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