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kindle fire - one month, still in love

Really, the subject line could say it all, but this is more informative for when this happens to me again and I'm desperately trying to remember how to do this. The first part I posted about before; the second part is new regarding blank bookcovers.

For Kindle Fire owners downloading/adding fanfic either by download or by calibre.


If your fic keeps ending up showing in Documents instead of Books:
1.) Select all fanfiction files.
2.) Click on Convert.
3.) On the Mobi Output, look for the last bit on Kindle that has [PDoc} and erase [PDoc].
4.) Say yes to reconverting your files.

If any of your bookcovers, both fanfiction and regular, start showing up blank for no reason in particular:

Posted at link, reproducing here:
- click the settings gear at the top
- select More..
- select Applications
- select Filter by > All Applications
- click Amazon Kindle
- click the buttons "Force Stop", "Clear Data", Clear Cache" (might not be needed)
- go back to Home
- make sure you are online and select Books

Calibre also has a neat plugin for creating your own bookcovers that lets you add metadata to it, so currently my covers all have the AO3 symbol, title, author, pairing, fandom, and where I downloaded them from.

Does anyone know off the top of their heads how to edit Calibre's metadata settings so when you add a book, it pulls all the metadata, not just title and author? I added custom metadata fields for fandom and pairing, but I still have enter it manually instead of it pulling from the file. Anyone?

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