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saw sv, thinking, huh
children of dune - leto 1
It scares me that I was thinking, I am *so* over Smallville, and then Beth has the pilot on tape, adn boom. I'm looking at Clark's hair and Lex's skin, going, ooh hot.

Which may say a lot more about me than about the show.

Okay, here's a thought.

M and G are *okay* with Clark breaking into ATMs, robbing, wandering around clubs, beating up people, but okay, he *doesn't get laid*? There's something disturbingly after-school specially when sex is the *real* evil. And possibly the only un-illegal thing he could be doing in his life of bizarrely restrained debauchery.

Anyway, nothing useful, I want to see the arc and ponder the many, many ways Lana makes me want to spork things--random things at that. Perhaps her. Just. Go. Away.

Hmm. Apparently, my Lana-bitterness is alive and well.

The entire RedK thing is becoming strange, what with the entire fact that the writers seem to be on a kind of fannish crack about what it actually does. Red to Rush, there was some overlapped consistency of behavior, and I'll buy the theory that it's important how Clark was feeling *at the time* he put it on, as that decides what parts of his personality come red-glazed. He was rebellious during his first thinger, and his second, he was all in the adrenaline zone. Okay, I can work with that.

But what the *hell* is with the boy now? ClarkLex list had some excellent theories, but it comes down to the fact that M and G simply don't want to deal with a sexually active Clark and we have to somehow work around that. Both earlier experiences showed Clark practically going down on anyone who was vaguely sexually attractive, but this one--and let me get this straight--takes them *clubbing* and goes home alone?

See, I get it. He's Saving Himself For Lana, in a Very Special and Very Moving Episode Where They Give Themselves to Each Other, or Almost Do It and Then Stop to Preserve Their Friendship. Or whatever flavor of the week we're going for.

But grrr.

On the other hand....

Lex is hot. It's depressing on some level that he's sunburned, cut up, recovering from malaria, and pretty much at this point certifiably insane, and I'm still staring at his bare skin thinking, God is good. And man, did they give writers the out of a lifetime. And if someone within the next six months *doesn't* write how Clark's alien penis magically cures Lex of his secondary personality and brings him back to sanity, I'm going to be so bitterly disappointed you have no idea. I may have to write it myself.

Denialville has *never* had it so good.

Other things of note:

SuperJonathan. I didn't start laughing until I realized this was a Serious Plot Point. Because--SuperJonathan. Like putting nitrus in a tractor, people. This just can't end well.

Helen. One day, I'm sure your actions will make some kind of sense. Okay, I'm not sure of that at all, but I'm so glad I hated you early on and suspected you of evil. You totally lived up to my expectations.

If Lex doesn't go completely evil Real Soon Now, we have to assume it's because they have him locked up somewhere he can write letters home with crayons. Jesus Christ, it's like aversion therapy to vaginas.

God, I love this show. *happy*

Now must read the LJ recaps that will explore this stuff, since well, I'm pretty much left staring at Lex all naked and sickly and not a little completley nuts, thinking...

Oooh. Hot.

*sighs* Stupid fannish obsessions. Two at once. Grrr.

Tomorrow! The tale of the Haggling in Mexico! Or, how it is that we weren't killed on the street while staring blankly at a map.

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Clark ripping his shirt off spontaneously & repeatedly, Lex near nekkid & delirious-

Yes, it was a good season opener. *sigh*
I *KNEW* Helen was no good- I was hoping she would end up dead-- now can only hope she pays for the torment to Lex...although, without her Lex wouldn't have been stranded on the island shirtless, shoeless, sun burnt & animalistic...ok, maybe she just needs to go away. :-)
From what I've seen in spoilers- Lex is going to have a VERY rough year. :-(

I was worried that you had left SV forever.

Erm. Really.

It is actually a good thing that we will probably never meet since I would be an unpleasant stalker and quote to from your own LJ and Diaryland posts. Oh yeah, just that nutty.

Any-who, good to see the shinny pretty still holds some power over you.

There's something disturbingly after-school specially when sex is the *real* evil.

Considering the way female characters are either marginalized, stereotyped, or put on a pedestal in this show, that attitude about sex doesn't surprise me at all.

*nods* Depressing but true.

Really, it's probably why it's such a damn slashy show. The het relationships have no chemistry, no lust, no oomph to them. It makes more sense to imagine that the reason Clark isn't sleeping with Chloe and/or Lana (and/or every other pretty girl who crosses his path) is because he's far too distracted by Lex, rather than imagine he's this perfect "after school special" who doesn't believe in sex before marriage, etc.


Just as well I watch the show for the pretty actors, not the plot points.

ITA! When the bartender asked Clark if he was a monk, I completely expected him to answer, "No, I'm gay." ;)

ITA? Always worth asking about the meaning of unfamiliar acronyms. *g*

Yes! Smallville fandom needs you!

My thoughts on Exile are here

Hey, they had to explain Michael Rosenbaum's Cabo San Lucas tan somehow.


Good to see that SV is managing to suck you right back in! :)

I have a theory about Helen, I definitely don't think that she was working alone. I think that she did have a partner but, instead of Lionel, I think it was Morgan Edge.

He wanted Clark's blood, which is what I think was in the container that Clark took from the vault. How did he know about Lionel having it unless Helen had come to him to offer up what she had about Clark and his origins. And anything else that she was able to pilfer from Lex after the crash.

Also, Morgan could have benefited directly from a Luthorcorp thrown into disarray by the death of its heir.

Helen is from Metropolis and could have known him from before. Her father is a plastic surgeon which could come in handy for a crime lord to have in his back pocket.

I know it's probably crazy and more plot than Smallville usually gives us but it's just a theory.

Also, wouldn't it be poetic justice if Lex ended up wresting Edges own crime syndicate from him to start his own?

I'm so glad your interest in SV revived. Here I was thinking how much I was going to miss you. Heh.

I agree with your comments, on the whole, especially re Lana and Helen. On the other hand, I don't hate Helen scenes any more, not the way I loathe Lana scenes. Mostly because of the way Lana screws up her face and makes me want to shake her.

You've pretty much expressed my feelings on the season's opener. Stealing and violence is forgivable, sex however isn't. Screwy morality to say the least.

I'm another Lana hater, or at least the Lana in the show. She makes me root for the nutcase of the week who's trying to kill her. Pity the producers are so gone on the character/actress and are determined to ram her down our throats. Speaking of those guys, they have a depressingly antedilluvian view of women: virgin, mothers or whores. Apparently, there's no other kind.And good women don't have sex, according to them, because sex is the big baaaad. And yes, beat up Lex is verrrry hot.

I want MR to do lots more drag movies, and movies where he's cheerfully queer. Genderbender-MR makes me sweat. Guh.

*sigh* Jenn, you popped my cherry...

I have to tell you that I don't get SV here and am waiting for the tape. I have been CCOMPLETELY SPOILER FREE until just now.


The idea that the sight of the boys was enough to make you reconsider your Smallville apathy was enough to make me read the post, and gift you with my season three virgin eyes...


And you did make it good for me, baby. The magic alien cock story is percolating now...


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