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Open Note to DW

In view of yesterday's--events?--thank you for continuing fantastic server performance. Considering right now that every page without custom comments in LJ is causing me loading problems, posting problems, and doing anything at all problems, there's a level of pathetic gratitude that I can hit reply on DW and it works.

LJ Users

The fail-fandomanon comm has what appears to be an (almost) perfect copy of the old style comment page on LJ. Does anyone know if the mod is friendly and will share code? I couldn't find it in the threads, but I'm almost sure I saw it there. I did a fast and dirty switch to a layout I can live with (sort of), but ff_a's comment page is precisely what I want.


I have feelings on The Hobbit and Batman trailers. I mean, in theory, you can only rewatch them so many times before boredom ensues, and yet, not bored yet. So much want.

Also, is series two Sherlock premiering on 1/1/2012 or is that a vicious, terrible rumor that will break my heart when it doesn't happen? Tell me this is true. This is very relevant to my interests.

ETA: Sherlock Series 2 on 1/1/2012 is confirmed in comments by [personal profile] norabombay and apetslife! Now going to quietly squee in my cubicle, as people get very uncomfortable when I do it too loudly even if I explain why. Real Life = very strange sometimes.

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