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a giant hershey bar is RIGHT HERE

Okay, three things I know and shouldn't have denied.

1.) Sleep does not improve my mood. I'm cutting back to six hours a night again. I was a little more tired, but a hell of a lot less moody than I have been the last few weeks. And I KNOW this. It's silly that I couldn't call up the self-disclipline to cut my sleeping down.

2.) Putting lights on different circuits MIGHT help the situation somewhat in the blowing fuses thing.

3.) Reading RivkaT will always blow my mind and improve my general outlook.

One day, I shall get those bronzed.

Recs, because I'm still high from a quadruple of Rivka's stories.

Ruat Caelum by RivkaT. More on this one below.

Gratitude by Caro. This was sweet. I love cuts out of time stories when they are done well, and this was done very well.

Comforter by Fabrisse. The snugglefic challenge is my new favoritest thing. It's inspired SUCH sweet fic. Terribly in love with this one especially.

Telling by Caroline. *grins* I've missed her fic. Her Lexes are always--very distinctive. And this was hot.

1:33 AM by Sopphacrates. Clark/Lex nad kid fic! Jessica totally gave me a taste for it, and this one is just--so cute. Domesticity! Cuteness! Happiness! Palate cleansing.

What You See Is by bexless. An introspective piece on Clark that I think captures his thoughts just beautifully.

Homecoming by Victoria P. And she wrote HAPPY. Geez. I had NO idea she could in SV! *grins* THis was sweet. And nice. And happy.

Right Now by Christie. Clark/Lana, Lex/Lana. Christie fulfills my Lex/Lana urge so prettily. It's--interesting. And her Lanas never annoy me. I'm a fan of this big time.

And that clears my to-read folder--not at all. Mmm. More goodfic to read. Happiness.

Okay, cut because I don't know how interested anyone would be in my musings on Ruat Caelum.

I'm so going to ramble disjointedly throughout this, so don't expect any organization of thought here. I'm in LOVE with this story. Seriously, just utterly infatuated with everything here and everythign that wasn't said and every possibility. Just--gah. Like this huge reminder that Smallville isn't even CLOSE to being tapped for great ideas.

Required reading should be "The Presence of Fire", if for no other reason than that the compare/contrast is fun to do in terms of characterization. To really give yourself a rush, try Ruat, Presence, Incarnadine, then Philadelphia in a row. Kind of like breathing pure oxygen for a bit. You will feel dizzy and disconnected from the world after, big time.

And it made me think again, both about Smallville itself AND the complexities that are possible in this universe, which this season so far hasn't done much for me.


The creepiness factor was so flawless I spent most of the story not only not really caring who won, Clark or Lex, the little battles between them were just so fascinating in themselves, but actively wondering if the world was that great with superheros. Not because they were bad, but well....


I really wanted more backstory. Not for the story itself, because it was exactly right in how much it showed, told, and hinted at, but just for the curiosity factor. I loved how we got from SV to here with minimal explanation--it was all the explanation I really needed to get into the story.

Clark wasn't what I expected--or he was, in a way I didn't expect. He could compromise, right, but was still himself, which is probably one of the best extrapolations of how SV Clark became Superman I've seen.

Lex rocked. Oh hell yes. I'm all for letting him lose his brakes and go all out--not sociopathic so much as utterly determined, driven, this--whatever it was inside him that made him want so badly, that drove him. I think Clark was wrong in this part. Because he didn't want to believe the other option.

Lex was adaptable, and could be kept busy. He'd return to the science that should have been his first love, and almost was even with Lionel's cruel pruning and training.

Lex, in this story, in the show, to me, always comes out as a natural leader, a natural conqueror, just completely set in the wrong time period to do it. What Clark might never acknowledge, probably can't, is that without the Justice League to stop him, Lex would have been in the history books as probably one of the greatest rulers ever. Great rulers are almost always the ones that have that streak of pure, utter ruthlessness in them. If Lex had been born, maybe, two hundred years earlier? Different world they'd live in currently. He just had the bad luck to be born in a time and place where autocrats aren't accepted as the standard.

Not that it seemed to slow him down much in this story.



Clark spends a lot of the story being almost viciously realistic. Which was nice to see, since I don't think anyone's idealism could stand up to what he's gone through. I like practical superheros--idealistic ones annoy me to tears. I like the fact he acknowledges that the Justice League doesn't have the right to regulate human behavior. Save them, yes. Make their choices for them, no. Act as judge, jury and executioner, no. Which is another creepish thought in my never-ending worry about superheros banding together and creating their own--thing. It's just far too easy to sit around and pass judgement and think, we could make this MUCH better if we just took over for the normal people and proactively save them from themselves.

Not that I'm against the idea. *g* You know, if I were a superhero.

Back to Clark. So he's realistic to the point of disillusionment up to--Lex. Who, in some ways, is his blind spot. Not that he doesn't acknowledge Lex's dark side, but that he thinks, not necessarily that he can fix it, but thinks he can keep it under control.

The AI is going to have a blast observing them for however long Clark can keep Lex locked. Big time. I'm wondering how long Clark can do it, actually--like Lex, he's driven to the point of not caring about the cost. It'd be interesting to see how much eroding Lex can do of Clark in basic isolation and captivity.

I suppose the part that really got to me was that they were in love without any--*thinks*--I'd say illusions, but that's not the right word. More as if they didn't acknowledge that it DID hinder them, if that makes sense. Which was possibly the reason Lex failed to completely win and so did Clark. Maybe a mutual blindspot in their psyches, or the one place both of them refused to compromise on. I'm still not sure.

I LIKE not being sure. This is so interpretable I could read it a few dozen times and never come to the same conclusions twice.

*sighs* I'm in love. I have much re-reading to do. Oh so much.

I'm also annoyed by the fact that Common Spaces refuses to have an ending I can live with. I am bad at endings. I have never written a good one, though I have managed acceptable on occasion. *sighs* Can this be workshopped?

I have seven ounces of Hershey Bar on my desk RIGHT NOW. The anticipation is killing me. *G*
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