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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so that was a truly terrible idea; i bet they're going to keep it
children of dune - leto 1
Hey, does LJ know someone hacked them and completely destroyed usability and readability on vast, vast tracts of LJ territory and the entire reason most of us like to be there; aka the comment page? It's hideous! The hacker is obviously evil and possibly made of snails, due to their myopia that would cause them to think this hideousness is okay.

Fine, yes, I knew this was coming, but holy mother of God what snail-possessed programmer thought that was a good idea?

I'm saying, we can go with a.) complete loss of interest in usability of their site or....b.) evil snail people. Who at least have an excuse not to care if the site is usable; they're snails, how many comments can you make using your amorphous lump to press one key at a time? Also, I suspect they have to replace their keyboards regularly.

ETA: For LJ users, in case LJ's a little behind in fixing this obviously horrific comedown from a truly terrible acid trip (assuming the evil snail theory doesn't pan out), DW has free account creation so you don't even need a code!

ETA HELP ME: Um, okay, can anyone tell why I can't reply to comments in my own LJ? Or comment to my own entry?

To apetslife - yes I wrote text in the box but the button doesn't enable in my LJ.

Update to that: apparently, unchecking "View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style" on My Account Settings was the problem. Because that, I'm sure, is supposed to make sense. You may or may not have to uncheck "View all journals and communities in my own style", which is directly above it as well.

I'm going to have to actually change my style. I do not like this at all.

New Update: Annnnd it stopped working again right after I replied to someone and the reply ended up as a not-reply but regular comment.


Update Yet Again to Comment/Reply Issue: Clicking on Insert Link and entering something and adding it enables the Post button. It has been relatively consistent on the last three comments I made, two in lj-release because while I have never done the enraged online mob thing before, by God, it's time.

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I loathe all of these changes - and I'm not going to start on why some of them are damaging from a disabled accessibility POV. (Because my hands already hurt from all the extra clicking I've had to do to: a. unfold threads, and b: get my layout up on DW too. After standing by LJ time and time again, I'm so fucking done with being shafted by changes on this site. Cross-posting, here I come.)

PS. You missed the 'a' in your link html.

I've gotta say, I actually really like the new comments layout. It's clear, simple, and a lot less clunky than the old style. I can see how some of the changes will be annoying for people on RPG comms or kinkmemes, though.

You have to type into the comment box before you'll get your "add a comment" button to light up.

I'm saying, we can go with a.) complete loss of interest in usability of their site or....b.) evil snail people.

I vote for "all of the above" ...

Okay i had to go to My Account Settings and uncheck "View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style" which--I have no idea why, this is my LJ.

That is WAY SCREWY and deeply uncool. :(

I know that the changes are only supposed to be applied/viewable in the default journal styles; I'm not seeing or experiencing a lot of them because I'm in an S2 style, and force my style on everything including viewing comments. So I just don't know.


I've got that going on too, so I didn't even notice anything until I tried to expand comments in a thread and it was a no go. I had to click on a comment in the thread to be taken to the narmal view, and yikes.

I'm using the Flexible Squares style...I'm getting comments threading and expanding like normal, no funky posting or commenting issues. The only thing I'm seeing that's really annoying is that my icons aren't in alphabetical order anymore!

I got my "dear God I hate you people and this decision" post in on the news post, because, yeah, I hate this. If I pissed off a tiny fraction of the customers that they pissed off before lunch today, I'd have been walking the unemployment line before dinner.

Thank you for posting this, seperis! I had the same problem and no clue how to fix it.

I was wondering!

This is really weird: most times I do not even see the changes, probably because I never used the 'see comments in my own style' option, but from time to time I see that the usual reply links have been replaced by buttons and the whole thing looks different.

Granted, it doesn't really affect me since I rarely comment, but I am truly at a loss to understand why everyone is trying to ape Facebook and Twitter. I get that Facebook is very popular, but why is it that LJ doesn't understand that if we wanted to be on Facebook, we would be. If we are on LiveJournal, it is BECAUSE it is a different medium.

Oh well, this could have the same effect on LJ as Netflix trying to transform itself into Hulu a few months back...

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