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2012 is not looking bright

So I am not looking forward so much to like, existence for the months of January through March. Our current build just started prelim testing (testing is now in three separate testing stages, not one, don't ask, it makes me cry) but at the same time we got those assignemnts two weeks ago, we got the ones for the build after that. The one that, I think, is releasing in May. is never a good sign when preliminary assignments go out that early. It is a much worse sign when during that time--preliminary--your assignment list is already long enough to qualify for your normal number of assignments, but you are told that no, it's not done yet. It is a red fucking alert when you are assigned as planner support on two of them along with your other assignments, because the three assignments (so far) is so huge that it will belong to two to three (that's 2 to 3) people and they require support planners.

It is much much more horrifying when the requirements list--that's a list of everything we need to check in this particular assignment in this build--is over 140 pages. Seventy of which are the actual list of requirements to check. Survey says, for one assignment out of probably about 120 to 200 assignments, there will be close to 200 tests.

Context: the build we finished last week had a total of 900 tests in (roughly) 120 assignments (SR or service requests). The largest was far, far less than 200. The most I ever wrote for a single huge SR was seventy (ish) last year in August when I was planner support. It was one of the largest we ever did (this doesn't include automated testing and reports testing, since those are weird adn can have tons of tests but are very short and done in bulk, not by hand one at a time).

Also, I cannot find the Acer tablet or the Lenovo tablets that I wanted to get for Child. He wants a tablet, I will break my credit card getting him one that will make me destroy civilization if he breaks it, and why did they all vanish when I went to buy them? My day, Christ.

So my zen:

Apocalypse Week in The Big Bang Theory updated with a new chapter. How did I not notice this was in progress? My day got exponentially better, though I see 2012 will not go well.

Also, the Christmas Bears are now on display. Pictures are forthcoming. I can now say comfortably I am on my way to being the Crazy Bear Lady, like the Crazy Cat Lady, but I spend less on cat food and they do not mind being stored in boxes, which I understand would not be appropriate for cats.

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