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leveson inquiry - the continuing adventures

My day is being day-like.

Leveson Inquiry

The Leveson Inquiry, link to main page and all current information. Phone Hacking, link to main page and all current information.

James Murdoch did not read the Neville email, merely, you know, answered it. This is like Billie Jean, where Billie Jean is a forwarded email with the words "nightmare scenario" and "Unfortunately it is as bad as we feared," being thrown around. I am saying, I understand. I, too, answer email without reading it, especially when it looks vaguely important and uses terminology that may or may not imply I (my company) are terribly, terribly fucked.

Here's the thing that makes me sad. If he's telling the truth, honest to God, this is the man you want running your company? He doesn't read email with alarmist adjectives. What, an email THERE IS A GIANT BEAR THAT IS GOING TO EAT YOUR ENTIRE STAFF IN FIVE MINUTES and he'll be "Cool, call me" not aware the person will be eaten in four minutes fifty-five seconds due to that not reading thing.

Yes, I find this comforting that a multibillion dollar company is being run by or run with the efforts of someone who fails either at lying or basic literacy.


Napolean Bonaparte in history is not like, a subject that isn't fairly well covered. I mean, I know my dates, my island, and my Wellington. But weirdly--very weirdly, come to think--it was reading a goddamn romance novel (two actually, Roberta Gellis and Georgette Heyer, but moreso with Roberta) that belatedly made me realize how utterly terrifying he was to Europe and how borderline close he came to a really early unification of Europe. I don't know if it was my perception in history classes (and I took a lot of history classes and spent a lot of my late teens/early twenties hitting the Dewey decimal history section like a really disorganized storm of curiosity) or my selections, but the emphasis on his military ability and his vision and his unification of France and his conquering and his exile didn't quite ever get beyond the genius conqueror and into the fact that he was actually goddamn terrifying in his ambitions and more importantly, was brilliant enough at what he did to fulfill those ambitions.

ETA: So that was odd in the posting.

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