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The Toybox

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awake in texas with a fear of musicals
children of dune - leto 1
Per the end of Farscape Season Three (I snuck in the first four of season four and--I really don't want to talk about it yet, but I think I watched them from the wrong perspective or something? What the hell?), Child is on a Glee rampage, so we are hitting season one and two in no particular order and God do I hate Amazon Prime free streaming or I wouldn't be in this mess right now. He's scheduled in Season Four viewing sometime in the middle of the Glee medley and Sanctuary season one and SG1 season one (not streaming; sadly, I have them already).

In other words, I have a really uncomfortable feeling that I will start to expect Sanctuary to break into song if Child keeps me on this media extravaganza for any length of time.

You may now return to more interesting reading. I'm suffering from multi-genre overload.

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S4 wrong perspective - elucidate, please. ETA: Strike that, sorry, see your notice of not yet ready to discuss.
Ahem. At one point, the PTB of FS contemplated a musical ep, which perhaps fortunately, did not occur.

Sanctuary singing - *laughs and laughs*

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I am not feeling the new big bad of cleavage sweat, short version. And I am hating gramma puppet like whoa. I just don't want to set it in stone if by mid-season I am loving it more. Season three was so good, it could be season four is fine and I'm being grumpy.

Season 4 is... uneven. Gramma characterization is also uneven.

I have a really uncomfortable feeling that I will start to expect Sanctuary to break into song

You should probably start preparing yourself for season 4, episode 8 of Sanctuary now. :)

...oh God. You know how fast he's sweeping me through eps? I MAY SEE THIS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.


Uhm, relax? I think it's quite a nice episode:-) *and that's me stopping watching shows that did a musical episode before - I still love Sanctuary*

Glee often leaves one with an unnerved and vaguely nauseous sensation. It's that mixture of awesome and OH MY GOD, WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT'S A GOOD IDEA????

(Deleted comment)
1812 is possibly the most sympathetic character in the entire series.

Who survived the series, you mean? *g* Alas, poor One-Eye, we knew him for far too short a time. I went on a DRD toy kick a couple of years ago, bought up bunches of 'em, including one that had been modified to look like One-Eye, as well as the 1812 model, and even an unpainted black one, which is clearly some visitor from a far more martial Leviathan. :D

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