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leveson inquiry - wow, that's a lot of testimony to read this week

Re Leveson Inquiry and Phone Hacking

Paul McMullan lays bare newspaper dark arts at Leveson inquiry - okay, this him defending tabloid actions with various creepy and creepier justifications. It really has to be read to be believed.

Full Text here.

Also more relevantly in the politico-media sector, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks 'knew about phone hacking at NoW' - we are shocked, shocked I say.

Hugh Grant and the Dowlers testify - okay, was Hugh always so sarcastic? I am going to watch every movie he ever made.

And because I keep losing this link (I keep assuming it's on the Guardian, I don't know why), Hugh Grant Is a Super Spy!, or, how he wore a wire and a reporter fails every Evil Overlord rule in the book.

...seriously, I never liked him before. What the hell, Hugh.


Kind of a very brief overview of some of those affected by phone hacking: Leveson inquiry: media victims give their side of the story - depressing, enlightening, and chilling by turn, from the famous, the semi-famous, from parents, children, and victims.

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