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Okay, it's not like I go into any Monday with high expectations, and a Monday after Thanksgiving is pretty much a recipe for abiding hatred and a strange, surreal connection with the artistic stylings of Dilbert, but.


There is staring blankly at your computer believing in your heart that despite other people's assurances that it is not evil and plotting against you, yes, it is plotting against you, and then there is this--there is staring blankly at your computer believing in your heart that it's plotting against you and everyone else sees it too because all the computers are doing this.

This is actually fairly weird. There was definitely a power outage, since all the computers were off and that does not happen, but on reboot, everything is moving so slowly it's like watching a documentary on carnal relations in the fly kingdom, or possibly, paint dry. And I do mean literally; I opened a message in Outlook and while waiting for it to, you know, open, trotted to my supervisor's cubicle to report, share our pain, stopped by with a coworker, admired her new hairstyle, shared pain, mosied on back, sat down, and the message finally thought about loading and loaded. Mostly.

On a certain level I find this useful, as God knows The Paladin Protocol needs re-reading since I don't actually have it memorized yet, but I'm very impressionable on Mondays and not entirely sane, so I don't think it's healthy to spend very much fictional time in Sheldon Cooper's head. Let's all remember Rodney McKay had me modeling The Road Coloring Problem with popsicle sticks during a particularly uncomfortable week, and no one sane whose highest math is Calculus should be reading about a.) millennium problems or b.) advanced graphing, much less c.) trying to create models with popsicle sticks. And I don't have any popsicle sticks right now. Also, I'm at work, but I'm not sure that would matter in the eventuality of popsicle sticks coming into being somewhere in my immediate vicinity.

This has been a message from Monday.

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