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recs: the big bang theory - sheldon/penny
children of dune - leto 1
This is really a self-serving rec list, because I am convinced someone will leap up and go oh, you missed this one! I am like that.

The Big Bang Theory - I'd like to say there was some kind of logic in my headfirst dive into pairing but let's face it, I have a pattern; I will choose the least socially adept character on any show and if they are a scientist, I'm there. But honestly, mostly, Penny just kills me, half spectator and half Stockholm Syndrome'd into geekdom with the a rather charming sense of whee, shiny. She also hasn't killed any of them with fire, and I mean, come on, no court in the world would convict her if she did. And yet. I mean, I'll just say it, Amy is like my avatar on the show. I am with you, Amy. One of my deepest hopes is to stumble across Sheldon/Penny/Amy fic, because it just makes sense.

The Paladin Protocol by SpaceAnJL - Sheldon/Penny - it's long, it's plotty, it combines fix-it, Hero's journey (two of them!), LARP, orcs, contact weaponry, improvisational clothing changes, sexual tension, duels, personal growth, Birthday cake, and epic battles between the Army and the Horde and between what you are and the potential of what you could become if you want it badly enough. To put it another way, if you aren't googling for like, a good LARP in your area after reading, despite the fact you have never LARPed, well, I don't know what to do with you.

Warning: it is not kind to Leonard, but whatever, the show is plenty kind. Did I mention the epic battles? Yeah.

Also, because I only caught the full implications of this the second reading, watch for the chess game as not just foreshadowing, but very likely, the switch between passive acceptance and active agency. No, really. Read the chess game bit.

This is a long story that felt way too short and I wanted like, five hundred thousand more words, it's that readable. A lot of authors get lost in a single facet of what they're writing; the fixit, the romance, the journey, the personal growth, the plot, and often they aren't as organically combined as this one manages mostly because, I think, she wa trying to write something she wanted to read and it was pretty accidental she also pulled off one of the best ship manifestos I've ever seen.

Unlike a lot of ship fic, the author adores both halves of her ship and devotes equal time to their awesomeness . I love Penny here, stripped of a lot of the show's objectification of her by bringing it into the open and discarding it because of all the reasons Sheldon might be attracted to her, her looks would be well down the list and the physical attraction kicking hard is shown to be well after it's fairly obvious he'd find her equally hot if she resembled an orc. It's hard to pull that off with a canonically drop dead gorgeous character, but it's done here very well.

For my taste, the best introspection comes written into the action sequences, but there is a ton of a capella pages of it; if you are not a fan of that, you may get a little irritable. I'm a fan, so it flowed very naturally for me.

This is one of the (very, very few) stories that avoids the pitfalls of cheating while not at all lowering the tension; it's supposed to be important that they didn't, and it's supposed to show why it's hard not to, and all the (very good) reasons they shouldn't. I'm not a fan of cheating fic (it falls smack dab into the squick-kink zone, to be honest, and I don't even know why sometimes it works for me and sometimes I hate it); this is one of the few that if it had gone that way, the author built it up that I wouldn't have run and hide.

Using LARP, the geekiest of geekiness, and Penny was kind of brilliant because yeah, this feels very much like something Penny on the show, once she got into it, would love; I like the reasons she first got involved, and I love even more that it's something that's hers and then hers and Sheldon's, because yeah, Penny before them might not have appreciated it, but Penny after them liked it because she liked it and whatever.

Starship Olisbos by montygrowley - Penny does a book report and Sheldon's long game in real life metaphorical chess worries me about the freedom of the world should physics go bust and he needs a new hobby. There is also a.) relationships in flux, b.) root beer in hair, c.) auditions by accident, d.) waffles, and e.) space opera as a metaphor for a relationship (and page five hundred and nineteen of Starship Olisbos. You'll know it when you see it). And milk. There is also milk.

Like This by Lauren - it's all fun and games until you realize you like it far too much. Also, this is the best question and answers section ever.

The Road Ahead Is Clear Again by Lauren - technically speaking this is more pre-relationship gen than actual ship, but it involves a.) a garage, b.) moving, c.) learning, d.) moving forward. This is probably one of the best written stories period I've read, but I could seriously use a very long, novel-length sequel. Or two.

Apocalypse Week by relenfanel - I resent the universe that no one in my life ever created a week of running around playing survival of the fittest in a test to see if I will survive teh end of the world. What the fuck, I have geeky friends, and none of you thought of doing this? There are a.) zombies, b.) weapons, c.) near-arrest, d.) Sheldon in a tree sniper-style. Also, Penny is kinda more awesome than anyone, in case that wasn't pretty goddamn obvious.

The Hokum Hierarchy Determinator by slybrunette - adaptation is the mother of everything suddenly being way too familiar except when did this happen? There is a.) coffee revelations, b.) obvious jealousy that is not about lasers, c.) Maslow's Hierarchy, and d.) take-out food.

Thunder by Misbegotten - this is the first fandom in a long time where it took me a while to suck it up and leap toward the explicit side, because for Sheldon, and I say this with love, if he is not drunk or high, the first few times at sex may not be a disaster, but only because Penny's really, really good at it and likely will introduce bondage to avert physical injury. So usually I need it eased into. This, however, picks up much later, with a guy not just comfortable with his body, but with those of other people.

You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son by slybrunette - if there is one thing that TBBT has, it's at least one character who is known to utilize a long game approach to getting something he wants.

It's Times Like These by d_sieya - in which sex is scheduled, Sheldon is very relaxed, and everyone is very, very worried about this. Hilarity.

Now...more, please?

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Hee! You've recc'd stuff by notalwaysweak who is one of my Melbourne BFFs. We've known each other for AAAAGES!


(small world!)

Why would you want anything to be kind to Leonard? Srsly. FIRE.

BUT ALSO: Thanks for the recs! I don't keep up the way I should but I do love and adore Sheldon and Penny.

*sniggers* Hey, at least I didn't actually kill him. And there's even a puppy...

(As a character, Leonard sets off every single alarm in my head about 'Nice Guys', and the type of bloke who feels entitled, and then turns into a seething mass of spiteful resentment when he doesn't get it. Granted, Grendel had a nicer mother, but still - it explains, but does not excuse.)

Oh, me tooooo. And I mean, I dated one for a while, and kind of want to stab myself for it, and every time the show validates that behavior and makes Penny fall for it I want to kill all the writers. I mean, I know women DO fall for it, I fell for it, but it's not what I want television telling people is okay and normal and the kind of relationship we should cheer for. The first time they kissed and the studio audience cheered I stood up in my living room and gave my roommate spasms of laughter by shouting at the audience for being STUPID and at Penny that there are therapists in the world to help her with her issues.

I dated a Leonard for a while. (Everything. Right down to the physicist.) Nnnnrggh. I just. NNNNNNNRRRGH. BAD PENNY, BAD. It will not end well!

I had one follow me around at Uni, whilst all my friends tried to tell me that I should give him a chance because he was nice, and sweet, and he really liked me, and I was mean not to reciprocate his feelings, and... He hit one of them in a drunken temper - and it was still my fault for not going out with him, apparently. 0_o...

I have now stopped watching the show, because it was making me insane. Whether a show is a light sitcom or serious drama, an unhealthy relationship is an unhealthy relationship.

I have a secret but awesome love for this myself! And I actually wrote it for Remix one year. All Aboard (The Shining Time Remix).

Banging On Your Door by muir_wolf, Sheldon/Penny/Amy.

Also everything on the Big Bang Theory tag on my Pinboard. And everything at damalur's Sheldon/Penny primer</a>, and you can click on most of the authors there to find more of their fic, which is well worth doing. I especially recommend ishie, fujiidom, montycrowley, and cereal. Oh, and this lovely fic/art thing; the story (and art) continues in the comments, so you have to be willing to click "Expand" a lot, but it's worth it.

Er, the Sheldon/Penny primer would be here. Sorry about that.

"Access is denied.
You do not have access rights to view this entry."


I still maintain that reading 'The Hobbit' at the age of five had no detrimental long-term effects. Your Mileage May Vary...

Read it at 7. This may explain some things ...

I know right? I think I was 8, but I made up for that by immediately reading all three Lord of the Rings books plus appendices.

*grins* When every other kid in the class wants to be a fireman or a ballerina, and you want to be a dragon...

I blame JRR for my fascination with both mythology and sharp pointy things. Otherwise, I would probably have got some respectable and boringly employable degree instead of being a medieval archaeologist with a weapons fetish.

Full. OF. WIN.

*bows down to your awesomeness*

(Deleted comment)
Big old second to Through Quartz Sand and Cellulose - one of my absolute favs :-)

Hey, just wanted to point out that Wolf Maid is also muir_wolf, if you wanted to check out her lj for stuff.

Thank you for these recs! Also, the internet needs a "put this on AO3, dammnit" feedback button.

omg hello reclist of my dreams (stalks comments for more)

I just love these people, so gen or romance is equally cool--I just want it to be good.

You might have read it already, but I really liked The Cheap Trick Acceleration by Liviapenn. Gen or pre-relationship though.

My fav thing about this couple is that you can explore learning to love science and nerdom and being ~girly and properly socialized all at once with them. And that these things don't have to always be in total conflict.

Duping this over from DW for your readers if they don't read there also!

Stay Classy, San Diego by ishie: Sheldon/Penny and accidental ingestion of Viagra that does, somehow, manage to stay classy.

Though They Sink Through the Sea by dashakay: Sheldon/Penny, Penny/Career, character death, beautiful beautiful writing.

Banging on Your Door by muir_wolf: Sheldon/Penny, Penny/Amy, Sheldon/Penny. It is lovely and heartbreaking.

The Universe and You by damalur. Her own summary is the best: Penny thinks Sheldon is asexual. Sheldon begs to differ.

Take Me Out to the Black by muir_wolf: multiple pairings.

every chorus was your name by allthingsholy
my love like a voice by allthingsholy
make a record of my heart by betternovembers
all the chances we took by allthingsholy
nothing stays together when you're making noise by betternovembers
In short, this is an AU where the characters are in a band. And it is shinyawesome. I was lucky enough to be the fanmixer for the last fic, and the mix is up here.

Thanks again for reccing me!

my penny/sheldon rec list 1

light is only now just breaking by allthingsholy
(21,800 words) "Penny moves back home to take care of her mother. Sheldon, for reasons of his own, follows her." // This was quiet, slow, and emotionally powerful. A good Penny character piece that deals with grief, family, and finding your place.

Get Rid Of Me If You Try by ishie
(18,400 words) "Penny Wade's life is pretty much in free-fall. She got fired from what was supposed to be her big break -- after two whole days. Caught her husband in bed with her agent. Had to slink back to waitressing full-time so she doesn't lose her house. Now she's basically been kidnapped by a crazy man with a box, and it's not even the cool TV-show kind of crazy man with a box. If she makes it through the week without killing someone, it will be a miracle." // The AU where Penny first meets Sheldon at a supermarket and all hell (and time) breaks loose.

a comedy of manners by slybrunette
(6,163 words) Comic-con, awkward morning afters, a bit of soul searching.

Calling Bluffs by d_sieya
(15,600 words) Set after 3.03 'The Gothowitz Deviation'. "It doesn’t matter that chocolate is technically not an aphrodisiac. When it comes to getting back at Sheldon, Penny’s ready to pretend anything."

Spoiler Alert by d_sieya
(7,500 words) General S3 era. Sheldon and Penny slowly realizing their feelings.

At the Fork in the Road by weasleytook
(16,700 words) "An average Wednesday. A caramel macchiato. A pair of broken glasses. All of those tiny moments add up, and sometimes they cause Penny to accidentally invent inter-dimensional travel and take Sheldon with her. Will what they see change them forever? If they even get back at all."

Nothing Important Happened Today by ishie
(26,800 words) Penny/Sheldon UST. A really interesting twist on X-Files fusion though it made me want a sequel really bad. In which everyone believes in alien abductions and Agent Sheldon Cooper is looking for the truth. "Life as a new FBI recruit is nothing like Penny expected, but it's better than sitting around waiting for Kurt to grow up. Until she gets pulled out of training a few weeks early, that is. On the plus side: no more pre-dawn obstacle course runs; but partnering with the Bureau's resident crackpot? This is so not what she signed up for. She's ready to toss her shiny new (provisional) badge in the Potomac, until Agent Cooper gives her a look at the first case they'll be investigating - something the Bureau hasn't seen in almost fifty years."

if not now, then when
(4,890 words) The future-fic in which Penny's career has taken off, she returns to LA during the series breaks, and there are still some risks she's afraid to take.

The Cooper Methodology or, How Sheldon Lost the Bet
(8,600 words) Season 2. Sheldon loses a bet, and has to try to seduce Penny. // "While it's true," Sheldon began, a note of ice in his tone, "that I don't traditionally pursue the attentions of females-- and certainly not ones on a level of desirability as yourself--- I will have you know for the record that I am not asexual. I just find intercourse a distraction from my Nobel Prize."

"What do you call Halo, then?"

"Training for the zombie apocalypse," Sheldon said without missing a beat. "Honestly, Penny, sometimes I wonder."

The Broken Bed Redux
(13,300 words) Post 3.03, and then a month or so in the future after that. “Sheldon always assumed that when Penny and Leonard broke up, it would lead to her spending a lot less time in their apartment. However, it appeared that Penny had so altered her routine that she still found herself in their apartment with a similar frequency to before they broke up, only now she was in his space even more.” // In which Sheldon takes another stab at behavior modification, which goes disastrously wrong.

Re: my penny/sheldon rec list 2

The Providential Dismissal Quandary by htbthomas
(21,600 words) "Sheldon's to blame. Penny's furious. The guys are helpless. What's a string theorist to do?" Episode-style fic, involving Comic-Con, Penny's career, and a first kiss.

The Suspension Bridge Experiment
(3,000 words) Canon through 3x12. In which Penny gets a career and finds home. Possibly not in that order. | "Look, Penny sort of gets science. She gets experiments."

Life, the Universe, and Everything
(7,500 words) "That's about how life with Sheldon goes." Day-in-the-life established relationship fic. Un-romantically romantic.

Like the Rifle by damalur - {TBBT/SPN fusion}
(15,050 words) Sheldon/Penny as S1!Sam/Dean. This is a neat fusion-- I loved the reinterpretation. // "Penny and Sheldon grew up together on the road under the under the militant eye of Sheldon's father, George Cooper, learning the family business of saving people, hunting things, drinking coffee, and tracking the evil son-of-a-bitch who killed their families. At eighteen, Sheldon packs up and takes off for California and higher education - leaving Penny, betrayed, to take up his slack as she travels the country in her '67 Chevy Impala. When George goes missing, there's only one person who can help her pick up her almost-father's trail, and it's the last person Penny wants to see again..."

the god of clockwork & strings
(4,700 words) Sheldon and the (multi)universe conspire to give Penny a second chance. This was cool.
"I think," he says slowly, "that I don't believe in a universe so limited it has only enough room for one view of the cosmos."
Never, never will he stop surprising her.

Religion in Modern Love and War
(6,000 words) The one where Sheldon decides that Leonard and Amy should date, and then there are plans to be made. // "I still don't understand what we need to do in an actual way. Like, right now."

"We're going to practice the carefree and reckless way people that have selected each other as mates enter into physical contact situations."

She deliberately makes her face as blank as possible.

"We're going to hold hands, Penny. I am definitely writing a letter to your former school district tomorrow morning. Who's your superintendent? Never mind, I'll look it up."

I've recently been struck by the Leonard/Penny arrow, and have been searching out any good fics with them in it. The link for Starship Olisbos doesn't work anymore - is it archived anywhere else that I can read it? It sounds so good!

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