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kindle fire and calibre

For Kindle Fire users who do not know this yet, which may be only me, but in my defense, this is the first day I've had a chance to do more than purr over it and read Penny/Sheldon fanfic off it. As one does.


If your non-Amazon-bought fic is currently only showing in Docs or half in Docs and half in Books and you have no idea why (except now you do!), easy solution. This will work for any mobi file.

If you use Calibre--and if you read ebooks, you probably should grab it anyway--this is how you sideload by USB and get it into Books.

1.) Delete all non-Amazon books from the Books folder.
2.) Load all those books into Calibre.
3.) Highlight all books and click on Convert Books.
4.) Go down to the blue arrow that says Mobi Output
5.) The last bit there that says Kindle Options. Below it is Personal Doc Tag. Clear whatever is in there completely. No text.
6.) Convert.
7.) Make sure your Kindle is still connected and choose 'Save only Mobi format to disk in a single directory'. This is because Kindle Fire right now does not do subdirectories. If you have a cover, let it go too.
8.)Disconnect your Kindle and look at Books. Your books are there. Your covers are there. Mine is squished, I do not know why. But! I will find out.

This is five minutes later and the cover is no longer squished. IDEK.

When Calibre adds book to your Books folder, you can go in and move the cover to the covers folder in there. Apparently, it may work either way but I'm remarkably anal about that sort of thing.

Every day, such an adventure.

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