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this is strange and uncomfortable and also, stop now

I feel very mea culpa because I have never really understood the entire anti-adverb thing in fic. Until now, because instead of reading an otherwise really interesting fic, I get distracted counting how many times the word 'softly' is used. And soft. And all variations of that word there are.

Answer: may need to paste this into word and do it properly, as I keep losing count around 'way too many'.

I can tell what she was going for (and is actually pulling off decently), but that's why we have betas and seriously, the beta should have said "you realize you used this four times in a paragraph, right?" I can see the betas name. I may or may not be judging. Or possibly sulking because I'm still mentally counting 'softly' again. Gah.

(It doesn't actually help that every time I start getting judgy, I have flashbacks to writing Flight (link is to me hating it in several font colors) where I possibly offended the laws of adverbs. A lot. Knowing you have no high ground does tend to take the wind from your grammatical sails big time.)

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