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kindle fire, one day, two days, three days
children of dune - leto 1
Kindle Fires are to be released tomorrow, Amazon is preparing to ship. Two days until Kindle delivery for those with one day shipping and three days for two day shipping.

I am now breathing (metaphorically) in the general direction of a paper bag.

ETA: I reserve the right to sulk myself into a sulky mess since everyone in the world is getting theirs tomorrow. Sulky. Mess.

God, I am so watching more Sheldon tonight. Watching him go to war over his spot on the couch will be deeply cathartic.

ETA 2: WE HAVE SHIPPAGE. WE HAVE SHIPPAGE. Oh my God, I am going to love it and hug it and name it....

...wow, what am I going to name it?

ETA 3: By suggestion of [personal profile] jamie, the Kindle Fire is named Sheldon.

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They are actually shipping a day early! Mine is already on the way and should arrive tomorrow! (and I hadn't even requested one day shipping!) Such a nice way to start the week!

*breathless* oh my God I hate you. REMEMBER TO POST ABOUT IT.

No, no, Jenn! Refresh your deliveries page. I'm sure you'll get it soon!

Amazon claims mine is already shipping (it's the cover that is not yet shipped).

I am going to sulk until the end of time. Why does Amazon hate me?


I got an email saying it's shipped and should ARRIVE TOMORROW.


I'm going to go curl up and die quietly, alone, Kindle-less.

Don't give up hope! I went and looked at the Manage My Kindle page and the Fire is already there, registered! Go look and see if yours is there too.


Oh my God, tomorrow.

WHEE!!!!!!! *twirls you around*

Argh, I have to wait a bit longer for mine because I had to cancel my original order just to switch which card it was charged to. There was a downside to them shipping early! They seem to be saying I'll have it this week though. HOPEFULLY.

Amazon says mine will be here 11-17. Which is much sooner than they originally said. Which makes me very happy. So excited.

*tilts head* Isn't naming it that just asking for trouble?

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