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the speed of light isn't fast enough
children of dune - leto 1
I think I have entered the resignation stage of grieving for Stargate Atlantis. I was able to watch Sheldon Cooper without seething hatred, and I didn't want to set Leonard on fire even once. Yes, I can watch The Big Bang Theory without (much) anguished pain at the scope of my loss.

...so it took me some time to--I don't want to say 'move on' so much as 'expand my love of socially awkward, painfully neurotic physicists'. I feel this is a step on the path to healing, even if still seeing the words "Stargate Universe" makes me wish to expel the words from my active vocabulary forever.

In other news, between environmental collapses and defect arguments (work is being very worky), I have been re-reading Stargate Atlantis and Child and I are watching season two like it's the second coming of Star Wars and Harry Potter combined. I think at any time you are sincerely watching Michael and muttering about the brilliant acting and biting social commentary, you are creating a new stage of grieving that could be titled "Batshit Country".

We won't even talk about Trinity and Conversion except to say I suddenly realize that was Oscar calibre acting and by God, Hollywood has no taste. Even though I don't think Oscars go to television, that's just shortsighted because John's chin trembled and blowing up a solar system is so deep.

Yeah. I miss my show so much.

In other news I upgraded my laptop hard drive to solid state and I'm pretty sure physics is being redefined by the response time. Seriously. I have no idea how I managed to survive with a plain 7200 RPM when this was waiting for me. Just. Speed. Everywhere. Granted, I had to take out the DVD drive and buy a specialized bay chassis to house my old hard drive where the DVD drive was, but--my Windows Experience hard drive score is seven point eight out of seven point nine. I only ran it a few hundred times to be sure.

It's beautiful. I thought of Rodney the whole time. He would soooo approve.

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This is extremely insane of me to ask, and feel free to disregard, but—as a very very late newcomer to SGA (I've only just started watching it now, I'm still in S2)—do you have any recs as to where I should begin? It just seems like one of those insanely huge and too-awesome-for-life fandoms and I'm a little intimidated :D

I still have my rec list at my site that may help?

Sheppard/McKay - http://seperis.illuminatedtext.com/sgashep.html
Gen - http://seperis.illuminatedtext.com/sgagen.html
Other Pairings - http://seperis.illuminatedtext.com/sgaother.html

For a truly, breathtakingly fantastic gen that is season-two compliant, Retrograde, AU, full crew, very team and Sheppard-focused and based on the idea that Earth didn't get in touch with Atlantis in season one and then there is awesome.

I also have recs tagged by fandom/year in my Lj if that helps. I started watching in season two, so starting with this one may suit you more where you are in watching.

God, I still love the entire Retrograde series with a burning passion. Plot, hurt/comfort and such an amazing re-write of the direction the show could have went in.

So, is your Illuminated Text website down? I have not been able to access it for months.

I was in Stanley Park today and had a little bit of a nostalgic flail about how it's every alien planet ever and the people I was with didnt *get* it and I wanted to cry and I am considering buying a box set whilst im in Canada to have a rewatch.

The bluray is on sale at Amazon!

I'm totally getting it and Farscape after Christmas to wallow. I am so going to wallow.

Now I'm all nostalgic!

Are you running VMs on the laptop? Suspend/resume absolutely *flies* on SSD, it's a beautiful thing.

+1 to SGA nostalgia. For me, not so much the show itself as the fandom. So many good writers, so prolific, over such a long span of time. It was really the once and future fandom for me...

I miss it too, SO MUCH. I feel sad about it a lot.

*sobs* Yes on SGA... It was silly and completely un-PC, but adorable!

*sobs more*

As much as I love Merlin, I still find myself grieving for SGA every so often.

Any time John's face scrunches, my heart seizes up. I love that show so much, even cancellation hasn't changed that.

PS: You know that somewhere, at some point, Sheldon Cooper drove Rodney McKay over the edge and it was awesome.


Their meeting would prove the existence of black holes in a very dramatic way.

Black holes ahoy?


Re: Black holes ahoy?

..are you magic?


Yeah. I miss my show so much.

Yep - other shows are shiny and their fic has drawn me in, but none are as shiny, or squee-driven, or have such a great fandom as SGA. *sniff*

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