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tv: grim 1-3

Huh. Anyone watching?

I wish I hated it, because that would be less stressful than my current state of do not care so much when Eddie the Big Bad Wolf (yo, I need a few more weeks before I am casually throwing out German, kay? I was convinced the blonde woman was a hosebeast and wanted to cry until I saw it written) or Hank the partner aren't on screen.

I am objecting because this is the stupidest hero ever, and I was in goddamn Smallville, so I know my stupid heroes, and Clark is a miracle of good sense and tact and I am apologizing to Clark right now for being a little hard on him, but I so did not know this was coming.

Here are the facts as presented:
1.) You, the current Grim (it's a title and apparently a state of being, but not a decent superpower to be seen, unless random trauma by eyesight is a legit power) is dying of cancer but never tell the only other heir to the--grimness?--that he is The One. Brilliant.

2.) You throw this at him and tell him to leave his gf (what?) and then die in two eps without giving him any working information (WHY?).

3.) He's a godawful idiot. He a.) does not accuse the blonde not-hosebeast (herribeast?) of trying to kill Aunt Marie for no reason (I mean, no reason. There is no reason when it was kind of a giant big deal and in a hospital) and then kills the people who are taking revenge on the EVIL GODDAMN NOT-HOSEBEAST (horisbeast?) because they are evil evil evil. EVIL. WHO ARE TRYING TO WARN YOU OF EVIL IN THEIR DYING BREATH.

Worse, he's boring. I mean, paint drying is more interesting. He's not even angsty or like, confused; he's just dumb.

Yo, the Big Bad Wolf (I will never stop loving that) is more useful here than the Grim is. And Hank should take over grimming already; the man actually is good at his job, has common sense, and did I mention is not an idiot?

...on the other hand, I have low standards and I love this new twist on the Brother Grimm and I love all the weird lsd-inspired monsters, and I love the Big Bad Wolf and Hank saving the world.

In other news - Bella Swan versus Thor. Or maybe it's called Snow White and the Huntsman, IDK. I am just saying, Bella Swan versus Thor is how I am seeing it. With swords! here, in case you gotta know.

I do not think this qualifies as torn so much as I will take what I can get, sadly.

From [personal profile] ratcreature, more on the pseudo-German here. Oh, hilarity.

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