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kindle fire, the countdown
children of dune - leto 1
For those of us counting the days until our Kindle Fire is released....

Thirteen days until release date.

If you asked for one day shipping, two weeks. If you got two day shipping, fifteen days.

Yes, I am counting. Anyone else?

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I've entered all the "win a kindle fire" sweepstakes I can, can't afford it myself but OMG do I want it! It's so pretty! I expcet a full review on it when you get it.

*crosses fingers for you*

I completely forgot what November meant (other than SNOW COMING and BREAK OUT THE COATS). It's been so looooong since I clicked that 'buy' button. I will now continue to not think about it, so I can be pleasantly surprised instead of wild-haired, mad-eyed and desperately assaulting the delivery guy in T-15 days. EEEE!

....I am not yet that person but I can't pretend I might not end up there. *bites lip*

Okay, this is kind of a random-ass question, but you seem to be the lady to ask, so here goes. (Disclaimer: I admit to doing no research other than furiously reading the user's manual, which one would think was enough.) I have a third generation Kindle, and I love it. But why can't I change the brightness of the screen? Am I being obtuse or is this literally not a feature? I travel often enough that reading in the dark comes up enough that I am getting annoyed.

Obviously, feel free not to answer since this is not your job. Thanks anyway!

/random lurker comment

With the e-ink, not a feature. But!

Lighted cover - I use this--sadly, due to the existence of my three year old nephew, I'm on my third--and it's pretty much perfect, to me, for lighted reading.

You're not the only one. It took me several days of blank staring before I realized why those covers were so popular. You can also get any kind of small reading light to attach, but the cover makes everything very convenient.

Out of random curiosity, has anyone ever translated your fic into German? I figure I might as well try to practice my reading skills on something I know will be worth the frustration.

I am so counting down. I can't wait. My mother and father are getting one too. We all decided that would be our Christmas presents. I'm too excited.

I find myself ridiculously excited about the Fire, even though I have an iPad2 with the Kindle app on it. LOL. I won't actually be buying a Fire, but I'm just so happy that it's coming!

I really want one, but I'm getting an iPad2 within the next couple of months. I've been really wanting a Kindle but was waiting for one with color to be released. Now they will have one I'm getting an iPad2. I have been impatiently waiting for that lol. Hope you enjoy your new Kindle Fire!

I'm really excited for you, also I can't wait to read your review on it. I'm going to the US in December and I am so, so tempted to buy one while I'm over there but I need to know the nitty gritty first!

I preordered and waiting for my new favorite one.

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