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The Toybox

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tis the season for bear collections to grow
children of dune - leto 1
It is officially Christmas; it is also officially the release date of the Amazon 2011 Christmas Bear.

I'm aware no one else on earth probably stalks Amazon's website from mid-September until release and buys it on sight, but I found it right after midnight and by God, my Christmas season has begun. The bear collecting portion of it, anyway.

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That bear is very, very cute.

I wish they did Andrew Brownsword Forever Friends cards over here more; David and I exchanged a zillion back in our courting days and bought each other mugs and such. They're very cute bears too, but I only see them rarely in Canada.

Might order some things and get David's parents to bring them over...Ahem. Sorry for Christmas shopping in the comment :-))


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