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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in honor of halloween!
I swear I meant to do this one this morning, but it has been a posting day.

....wow, a lot of posting day, granted.

Halloween Creepy Tales Post at sf_drama. Also, their creepypasta tag.

Dionaea House
Ted the Caver
SCP Foundation - read it, love it, be awake for days due to it.
Creepypasta - the home of
Creepypasta wiki
Creepypasta index

...okay, see, I just entered creepypasta in google? And this is...a lot of deeply unsettling results.

Try it! Google Creepypasta here

Indian Lake Project
Candle Cove
The Bad Scary Place
The Holders
Ichor Falls

It's still a couple of hours from dark, right?

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as I was humming along through this bounty, I was struck by how there are zero nada no stories from/about New Orleans. like. we're the creepiest city in the union! what the hell, people?

It does seem to be the obvious center of gothic horror. I'm not sure any south carolina shows up either. I mean--the south. Gothic. It writes itself.


I'm about 1/3 of the way into the Indian Lake one -- I lived and worked for about six months quite near Indian Lake, it's in the Adirondacks, and I've paddled the entire Fulton Chain and the Saranac Chain, and I've climbed a lot of the surrounding mountains, and hiked pretty much every trail in the park, and it's pretty much the least creepy, most peaceful place on earth. Except for this one trail. I have hiked this thing a half dozen times and I get to the same spot and every time, I just freeze up. I can't go any further. I once took a boyfriend out there and we stopped at the park service lean to which is right near the spot that always got me -- he was a soldier and had just come back from the Middle East, not an easily spooked dude -- and I remember we started a fire and it got to be about 5 o'clock, not even sundown yet, and he said, "do you really want to camp here? because I gotta tell you, this place is giving me the fucking creeps." so we packed it in and hiked out and he was practically running the whole trail. and I hadn't said anything about the place giving ME the screams prior, so. idk.

what's really giving me the screams rn, though, is that I can't find the trail on the park service map.

wait, found it. I am both relieved and still creeped.

Dear God I hate you sometimes. I MAY NOT SLEEP TONIGHT NOW.

ALKHG FINE. sit up and talk to me because I may not either.

and I maintain you started it, I mean. this post. hello. how did this become my fault?!

....okay, despite the fact this is entirely true, I still stand by both a.) blame and b.) sulking. Sulking prodigiously, even.

if you want creepypasta, I could start writing down the really disturbing shit I've seen. I mean. if you want something to actually lose sleep over.

That's just mean. IT IS NIGHTTIME.

weird shit that happens at 3 in the afternoon is so much better. :D

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