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my fondness for folgers is gone

Terrifying new discovery: Folger's coffee and I do not do well together anymore. At. All.

Okay, you wouldn't think this could be new, but since that entire gall bladder, surgery, oh god my life incident, just knowing it exists would make me queasy, since before the great removal drinking it was a major source of excruciating pain and hey, I carry over the association. But today, I thought, I shall not fear the Folgers. Which obviously was stupid.

Except now it makes me: a.) jumpy, b.) twitchy, c.) killing of the attention span (and it's not like I have a lot of that to go around). Which is weird; it can't be the caffeine, I probably carry a blood baseline higher than the average cup, so it must be that it's evil. I mean, I should have suspected as much, but there you go.

I also suspect that I am destressing from dental with child--but mostly, it's Folgers' evil

That means, serendipitiously, I must go to Target and get more pod-things for my Keuric. It's hard, yo, but what can you do? It's not like I can give up coffee. The Nantucket blend is very nice.

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