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child has teeth, so far

Currently prepping for Child's dental appointment. Which may not go well, and is one of those places I fail as a parent, because at a certain age, parental authority fails entirely in teh face of outright hatred, and Child hates the dentist.

Most children hate the dentist, and most will be overcome with, you know, pain or fear of teeth hurting and go anyway. Child, not so much. As Child has a plan; he wants all these teeth to fall out--them being, IDK, substandard--and regrow them from--and I hate myself for this--that article I posted a bit back about regrowing teeth? Yeah, he not only read it; he took it to heart. Or get implants, which--you see where this is going. He goes to a science school. They encourage creative thinking.

However, luckily, his tooth really hurts--and I do mean luckily--and hasn't stopped and I called in this morning to the nearest available dentist who I will pay in cash if necessary, but one of them will have a carefully phrased discussion on the likelihood of gorwing teeth coming about in the next ten years or so and chewing. Which right now he cannot do while in pain. So--I mean, one should not be happy one's child is in pain, but seriously, he has at least one broken--BROKEN--tooth that I know of and this shit's got to stop.

Most of it is my fault in that I assumed--crazily--that he'd give in when there were actual problems instead of theoretical "oh, broken tooth would hurt". Instead, it's two years later and he would give in like a person with sense. Also, to be honest, tooth pain sucks; if anything makes you love a dentist, it is when things hurt and only they can fix it and I know from experience, that makes you a regular customer fast. I didn't realize he could blow that shit off for the most part.

I'm trying to think of a good way to phrase a moment of parental advice to pass down generations on how to handle pre-teens and teenagers with dental hatred, but honest to God, I'd like to see the parent who can physically drag their child into a dental office, plunk them down, and jack their mouths open for their own good. Bribery, threats of dental horrors, and the apocalypse do not help, for the record.

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