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so work is a bit slow today
children of dune - leto 1
*irritable* Archive of Our Own is freezing on my Kindle for some downloads and some stories, but not all and not consistently. I am still trying to put together a coherent bug on the subject to send them, but honestly, it's the most random randomness, and it's kind of hilarious how being a tester at work is effectively killing my ability to report a bug without verifying the bug in at least three separate conditions. I want to test it first, then track back the issue and send a defect that I then stalk the developers about until they fix it, but then I remember this is not my job and [personal profile] astolat knows where I live and probably has ninjas on retainer.

[What's killing me is that I can't actually test it; it freezes my Kindle. And that freaks me out too badly.]

It's happened with two fic (one mine) from the site and one I downloaded to calibre and added via usb. It's weird. I've discarded word count as a factor, and chaptering, but the one thing I (think) they have in common is they're all SGA.

Other News

After reading through pages (and pages) of source code, I'm beginning to suspect that Mediatomb's biggest issue is that when they have to disable something, it's really hard--and I do mean hard--to find out what that is and why. The inline documentation is pretty good, mostly, but the current user guides still mention doing things you cannot do and leaves out why you can't so you're very, very confused until you do some serious googling.

Using VirtualBox, I installed Ubuntu Server on my laptop and rebuilt and recompiled Mediatomb to get it precisely as I have it on my server, then started experimenting on how to get to 11.10 without breaking it. It looks like putting mediatomb-common on hold does the trick and then upgrade to 11.10, but trying to upgrade and then recompile mediatomb doesn't work at all. All of this would be a lot better for my nerves if they'd update the javascript engine off Spidermonkey; I am liking V8 immensely.

However, I did finally get the Youtube functionality fixed by dint of giving up and reading Google's YouTube API and writing ajax statements out in C++ until I figured out how they did it; I'm not sure, however, how well that's working.

During the course of reading, I was trying to figure out the logic behind how they were adding things to the server (movies yes, audio yes, but how does it know the difference?) which isn't in the source code but in xml config file. After the equivalent of drawing myself a really simple diagram, I tried to see if the config file really would believe anything, which is how I ended up scripting up a new virtual container for my ebooks, which--I mean, I know there are more useless things for a media server (does anyone settle down at night to turn on the TV for a rousing War and Peace on the big screen?) plus, I can't do anything with them (DLNA and UPnP were not designed for a giant screen of text), but it occurred to me to wonder if I could solve all my issues pretty thoroughly (and never look at this source code again) if it would let me just add a script library to add new functions.

Oh! Meant to do this before. Picture of the Mediatomb web interface for adding/removing etc.

Mediatomb UI

Left side is the database and file system tabs - right is where it shows playable content (never shows folders, only content).

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...this is not helping my to Kindle(Fire) or not to Kindle(Fire) spiritual crisis.

...you mean both of us won't be gleefully posting about its wonderfulness come November 16th as we clutch it and feel bad for eveyrone who doens't have one?



Because, y'know, Amazon is the new (really?) Big Bad and the e-copies aren't as cheap, but, but there's no delivery charge and the library does e-copies now and no delivery waiting period and I really want that damn Ellena book..

You can keep your steenkeen KindleFire. I've got my Nook and I'm perfectly content. :-P

I have that same problem every so often with my old ass Sony. I find that if I always run it through Calibre first (epub to epub) it's fine.

Wait, you can download A03 via kindle? I don't have to save it and then email it to the kindle? Please tell me that's what you're saying, because that would make my week. Also, is it a regular mobi download, or something else?

Yep! at the top of the story, go to Download and click on it on your kindle, hten choose Mobi. Honestly, Iv'e downloaded a lot and only three stories caused me problems. It's awesome.

I have that exact same problem with my Sony reader, too. It drives me NUTS!

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