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random lj question
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, in light of the entire--um, LJ thing--I wandered over to stare blankly at the posting interface that seems to have a retro-DOS theme going on (that's a font?), and so personally I haven't had any problems, but then I realized there is something called a "context menu" and no matter how much I hover, I cannot get that thing to work.

However, my memory vaguely implies that it did used to work, and I hated it like I hate fire (I do not like random things popping up in my line of sight covering other things; it's a thing), and so I disabled it, but how did I disable it? It's not greasemonkey and it's sitewide and I think there was a checkbox involved?

(Strangely, DW's hover menu doesn't bother me, due to it being very small and possibly I trained myself out of using it. IDK.)

Anyway, I'm curious now about the context menu. Does anyone remember where that setting is?

ETA: From traveller:
It used to be in your display settings, and it WAS just a checkbox, but now it is a console command:

...I was getting mildly worried about my sanity there.

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It used to be in your display settings, and it WAS just a checkbox, but now it is a console command: not a hallucination on my part! Thank God.

Thank you!

as my old roommate to say to me, you're not crazy - at least, not for that reason. :D

uh, hi. I followed you here via a rather convoluted path from your site here i'm not even 100 percent sure this is you, and if not my apologies. But i'm pretty sure. At any rate the last up date over there was around 2008, and you're posts here don't actually have year dates so i may, in fact, be talking to a ghost, but in the hopes that i'm not here goes.

So I've just finished reading Mexico city with the added tag in the DVD commentary for Panama. First of all this is some phenomenal writing, which i reacted to on a visceral level, hence my somewhat scary stalking in order to try and find out if Panama will ever be finished or if it is finish and posted somewhere else, or if i can induce you through promises of undying love (or 50 dollars) to finish it.

I will now continue to wander about on these many, many web pages wherein there is amazing writing located. Thank you for all your hard work, know that it is very much appreciated.

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