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random: tale of the biscuit thief
children of dune - leto 1
...okay, true story, my McDonalds sausage biscuit disappeared, sans wrapper, from my desk. The wrapper was in the trash can.

And knowing I didn't eat it, as I'd decided to save it for an emergency snack attack this afternoon. So the biscuit thief unwrapped my biscuit and then took it away.

(And yes, I am entirely sure I didn't eat it. Honestly, I'm not sure I actually threw away the bag, either. Which makes sense. they threw away the wrapper and the bag the biscuit was in.)

I'm not even mad; I'm too weirded out.

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Clearly they have a guilty enough conscience to think you might track them by looking for the wrapper in their trash can.

God. This is likely true. Or at least, they cleverly thought that I'd assume I'd eaten it, unaware I have this really anal habit of folding up the wrapper to sit the biscuit on when not actively eating it so as not to get anything on my desk.

Also? NO CRUMBS ANYWHERE. Sadly, I can state that is not humanly possible for me.

It is really randomly weird. I'm so glad I got in the habit of physiclaly attaching my ID to my purse so I wouldnt lose my ID; side effect is that my purse now never leaves my body for fear I will get locked out of our testing area.

This really doesn't happen here. Like, ever. I'm pretty sure it's not my coworkers, either; we have a lot of coming and going with auditors right now.

(Deleted comment)
...oh my God that is disgusting (him, and especially the fingering of the salad, Christ, that's gross).

I love he stopped for the threat of spitting. Seriously. That was his line?

This reminds me of the time someone took a bite out of the sandwich my colleague brought to work with her, only to put it back in the fridge.

Just one bite. Because that's like, so much less obvious than eating the whole thing.

Maybe it was a test bite and they decided they didn't like the sandwich. Hey, at least they left the rest for you, right? ;-)

What the actual fuck? That is seriously weird and intrusive. Who does that sort of thing...

Not too long ago a friend was flailing on Twitter about standing right there in the kitchen or break room or whatever and watching a coworker reach into the fridge, take out her bottle of something fancy (old-fashioned lemonade or some such) and start to open it up right in front of her (obviously not realizing whose drink she was stealing). IIRC the thief didn't even apologize.

I can only suggest unwrapping your biscuit, putting a lipstick print on it, then wrapping it back up.

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