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tv: the fades

The Fades -- is anyone else completely unnerved by this show? It keeps tricking me by being silly and impossible and bordering on mary sue and they make it work when honest to God, it shouldn't manage to do that with some of this stuff.

I'm not sure how to explain the premise because while yeah, it matches the summary, it's just--not like that. I don't know how to describe it; I really, really, really didn't see this coming.

And whoa, Paul and Mac. Jesus, boys. They wear identical pajamas. God. Their love. Which they express verbally. A lot.

You know, the thing is, it keeps throwing me, which a.) is helped that I was unspoiled, but also because b.) the--plot?--is a lie. And it is fucked up and only manages to get moreso. And then it's ridiculous and cute and silly teenagers and then it flashes to giant fucking tubs of really realistic blood and graphically eating dead people. After killing them.

You know, the cool part of this isn't entirely that this could be considered a very original take on zombies, but it's not even zombies, it's this is a fantastic apocalypse and they're more like, IDK, vampires that eat flesh. And they have a plan. It does not end well for humans.

This is kind of awesome. And I'll be honest, the best potential apocalypse ever.


ETA: I have to stop assuming the perky teenage boy moments only last long enough to show some horror. Um, tell me someone else is watching this? I need to discuss.

* Fixed Matt to Mac. I swear it sounds like Matt, but IMDB disagrees.

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