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tv: downton abbey, bracing myself
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I have been putting off the new Downton Abbey season in a fit of it can't possibly be as awesome as the first season, even though I love drama set in World War I. Because in general it can be done very well, and then it can be done very--unpleasantly.

Okay, and randomly for anyone who decides to use Mediatomb to build their very own home media server (I say this tentatively, if you have an extra computer or laptop and don't mind a day learning basic Ubuntu, I recommend setting this up; I can watch all my vids from any TV hooked up to a smart bluray player, and they start at below 50 right now) and has a Samsung BD-D5700; fast forward and rewind work great but not with the blu-ray fast forward/rewind buttons. Use the arrow keys. It jumps at ten seconds right now, but I'm working on it.

I'm still working on it recognizing MKV files since Samsung does have the codecs. Will post when I have the right mime types added to the config.xml.

So far, Mediatomb works fairly well, but there aren't a lot of options for free or open source media servers either that have the customization I want for organization.


Watching the new Jane Eyre in a vid set to the duet version of Broken is surreal in a way that makes me deeply conflicted; This song is so very much Fassenberg, and strangely, so is the book.

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For my money, the second series of Downton is just as good as the first. A couple of arcs that get tedious, but generally A++ for handling of the war and great character development.

It is important to realise with Downton that they haven't accidently forgotton to show various episodes, it's just that they jump months ahead each time, so you can go from conception to baby in two hours (actual example).

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