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Hands up--anyone staring in a kind of slack-jawed awe at The Avengers? I mean, there's Iron Man and Thor and like--

--no, okay, no, I mean, Samuel L. Jackson with an eyepatch being awesome. God I am in. I am soooo in.


Fine, this is the Night of Trailers; I have two meetings and a dark weekend of finishing up the new test schedule before I am human again, and by God, I will stare in wonder at Van Diesel's rippling abs if it makes me feel better.

And it does.

But also? Breaking Dawn trailer. I read all four books and every movie to get to this one, shining movie where I see what they make of the most hilarious, horrifying, hugely major plot point in the entire series. If you read the book, you just flinched. And you just went to look in wonder at the trailer.

Yeah. Also, my imagination or does Edward look uncannily like DK from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift? The profile. Look at the profile.

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