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sometimes budgets are for breaking

...oh. This is why people want internet TV. And--apparently--smart blurays.

(Yeah. IDK. Smart, yes.)

After getting back a couple of refunds, I logically picked out a very reasonably priced, reasonably sized television for what was going to be a glorified computer monitor that would also occasionally play movies. Due to treacherous sales (I had no idea this was happening or I would have bought online), I walked out with a 42 inch Panasonic Viera and three bluray players (one for my mom's birthday, one for my sister, so just--whatever, that was fun) that a salesman assured me were all network ready.

By God and little saints, they really are. My bluray has apps. The bluray has builtin wireless (my God) and they all have LAN ports, access to a terrifying number of places to buy movies (I recognized Netflix and Amazon) and apparently will all play from my server or any computer in the network.

My TV also has the potential to control a wireless camera--this is a feature--which I don't have but suddenly--horrifically--feel there is a lack of in my life.

I'd probably feel much worse about this if I hadn't gotten my mom and sister something, too. I'm still kind of in the blank dazed thing. Then again, after the last four months of my life, I'm pretty sure retail therapy was in order like whoa.

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