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Amazon, of course

This is a slight correction on prices because I forgot to be specific on prices.

Kindle (basic) - Wi-FI, 2GB storage, 1 month battery life, no keyboard, no touchscreen, 6 inch display - 79.00 (with special offers), 109.00 (without special offers)
Kindle Touch - (Wi-Fi, 4GB storage, 2 months battery life, touchscreen, 6 inch display) - 99.00, 139.00
Kindle Touch 3G - (Free 3G/WiFi, 4GB storage, 2 months battery life, touchscreen, 6 inch display) - 149.00, 189.00
Kindle Keyboard - (WiFi, 4GB storage, 2 months battery life, keyboard, 6 inch display) - 99.00, 139.00
Kindle Keyboard 3G - (Free 3G/WiFi, 4GB storage, 2 months battery life, keyboard) - 139.00, 189.00 <--this is what I have now!
Kindle DX - (3G, 4GB storage, 3 weeks battery life, keyboard, 9.7 inch display) - 379.00
Kindle Fire - (WiFi, 8GB storage, 8 hours, touchscreen, 7 inch display, color) - 199.00

Special offers are, quoted from Amazon:
Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers
You'll receive special offers and sponsored screensavers directly on your Kindle Touch. Examples of past special offers include:

$10 for $20 Gift Card
Save up to $500 off Amazon's already low prices on select HDTVs
$1 for a Kindle book, choose from thousands of books

Your offers display on your Kindle Touch's screensaver and on the bottom of the home screen—they don't interrupt reading. You have control over your offers experience: you can set your personal Kindle Screensaver Preferences to give us hints on the style and types of sponsored screensavers you'd like to see.

Okay, but not my particular concern, I was just amused to realize how they'd laddered up the pricing so neatly it's like a elegant slippery slope.

Kindle as Tablet

This is how well Amazon did it's advertising work; despite multiple pictures, web browsing, apps, and talk of their new browser (not to mention I recognized from the pictures the Android home screen's general feeling), I didn't actually realize it was, in fact, an Android tablet. I took a lot of reviewers (ie, people comparing it to iPad portentously) for that entire aspect to hit me. I think e-reader, while also thinking, I can watch movies on that!

Okay, the thing is, despite loving the idea of having a tablet, and wanting one, and mooning for one, I still bought, so far, a total of three Kindles (one for child, second for me when first was sat upon by niece). 4G memory on a Kindle is huge, as books measured in the KB and the MB, not the GB. Whereas 16G on an iPad was insulting; that's no memory at all! Because it's a tablet, but the thing is, I think of a tablet like a second computer (reason ten thousand me and the netbook do not get along) because it was introduced to me as a computer and no matter how much I know it's not, I keep expecting it to be. Hence, 16G. I use more than that just for my music. My bluray rips take up twice that!

...8G on an ereader! That's huge! And in color! And I can watch movies on my ereader! Like a bonus! Because, ereaders are not computers, Kindle Fire is an ereader, and books, you see, are very small. And who puts movies on their ereader? That's just a bonus.

Okay, I'm impressed with Amazon. I just bought a tablet and think 8G is like infinite space. Well done, Kindle. I totally did not see that coming.

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