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Kindle Fire

So for several months I have been not buying a TV since Child and X-Box became truly one in all ways. Also because--well, it feels weird to wander around nodding at all the features of large TVs when really, what I want here is a forty-one inch equivalent to a monitor that hangs on the wall. I mean, when one is being told about resolution so fine you can see the pores of their skin, breaking in with "But how do you think it will display these fonts?" is probably odd.

But of course, all the plans of mice and men: Kindle Fire, which after all the soul searching and wandering around staring at 37 to 60 inch HDs, I settled for a glorious seven inches of Kindleness touchpadness. Hell yes I preordered.

Oh my God. Okay, it is too pretty to be real. I mean, seriously.

I Am Frowning

No 3G? *blank* Just Wi-fi. I am suddenly less happy. I kind of have gotten used to living in a world where I say "I would like to read about puppieS" and lo, Kindle gives it to me right away.

I Am Frowning Less

I might actually start to take advantage of that cloud thing. And all those free movies.

In case anyone is interested in the Kindle, they've had huge drop in price and a surprising variety. Anyone whose ever wanted to try one out might think about looking these over.

Kindle - (Wi-FI, 2GB storage, 1 month battery life, no keyboard, no touchscreen, 6 inch display) - 79.00
Kindle Touch - (Wi-Fi, 4GB storage, 2 months battery life, touchscreen, 6 inch display) - 99.00
Kindle Touch 3G - (Free 3G/WiFi, 4GB storage, 2 months battery life, touchscreen, 6 inch display) - 149.00
Kindle Keyboard - (WiFi, 4GB storage, 2 months battery life, keyboard, 6 inch display) - 99.00
Kindle Keyboard 3G - (Free 3G/WiFi, 4GB storage, 2 months battery life, keyboard) - 139.00 <--this is what I have now!
Kindle DX - (3G, 4GB storage, 3 weeks battery life, keyboard, 9.7 inch display) - 379.00
Kindle Fire - (WiFi, 8GB storage, 8 hours, touchscreen, 7 inch display, color) - 199.00

I'm not sure about Kindle the first up there without touchscreen or keyboard, butif you usually synch with your computer to get books, the only thing I can't work out is how to do collections since Kindle and Kindle App don't synch to each other from Kindle to PC. And honest to God, the 3G is worth having if you can get it.

Update Kindle Fire is already showing up in my devices in amazon. That's just cruel. Is it November yet?

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