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I have sufficiently recovered my shattered nerves from the horror of delicious to cheerfully take up my personal favorite thing; that is, speaking with An Experienced Voice.

Honest to God, there is no job on earth that truly sucks if at any time, you can draw it up as ironclad proof of your expertise on anything even vaguely related to that job, wrap it up in bitter, better-than-them text, and throw it at people like a brick. An awesome brick. As a fangirl who, like pretty much every fangirl on the net who wandered into the internet and realized the power of html, and who once did in fact go with a theme of black background/white text (In the X-Men section, series; I keep it to remind myself once I thought that was genius in design), and who has embraced white space with equal fevor, this is a bad design and they should feel bad. Ten links a page? I'm sorry that their developers have the apparent attention span of fleas.

Past the rage and some inappropriate language use for the last few hours, I'm just weirded out. Mostly because in general, I don't remember any site coming under new ownership with a pretty large userbase and do this much damage. This isn't the equivalent of either time we got new management at LJ--and Livejournal, you realize you are officially going to be many people's new perfect standard of changeover, right? No, seriously, you are. People are going to be saying how awesome and wonderful and sensitive you were!--or even quite like Facebook's random hits of redesign in hopes of beign able to one day exhaust people so much they'll stop fighting all that privacy invasion they're so fond of.

There's a very uncomfortable part of me that has the general feeling that the Genius Idea that someone--probably one of those founders of Youtube we hear so much about--had this Brilliant Vision that it was far easier to buy up an already thriving audience and simply force them by holding all their information hostage--which they are doing--to use their completely different site. Instead of that hideous, boring, so Web 2.0 way of gaining a following or population with a superior product. As superior products, I have heard, are also very Web 2.0. And that I am saying Web 2.0 had superior products make me want to stop and cry very hysterically. I am having sincere, rose-colored reflection of Livejournals multiple changes; I mean, I'm pretty much due for it.

Okay, now the part, before I was sidetracked, that's weirding me out: they literally stripped functionality out, not just messed it up or broke some things (though anyone who can't escape a fucking / or , needs to return to kindergarten; my three year old nephew and niece probably can't do that yet, but that's because they're three and not developers; imagine that), but they left--messed up, but there--the tag functionality while making it impossible to use in any practical way.

It's almost like they want the users so irritated, frustrated, and despairing of the entire tag system they'll just give that shit up and go to playlists just for the sake of getting their damn links--wait, they call them stacks now? Charming. How very hipster-chic of them.

I haven't had pretty much anytime to actually explore this, but here's a fast and dirty tutorial on the API use to actually see what you have. And weirdly enough, what you can still create.

To See All Your Bookmarks and MetaData

For user, your username, for password, your password, for X, the TOTAL NUMBER of bookmarks you have. If you keep getting the login box on the first link, try the second one. It's exportable XML. You can use this to recreate your link library.

To See All Your Tags (If Yours Are Not Like Mine and Hiding)

If you do not see all your tags, do not panic. Check the first link up there and take a deep breath. Exactly two of mine show up here, but they're fine in the XML.

To See/Create All Your Bundles (Experimental)

You can still make bundles. Yes, what the fuck. You can't see anything you made before, but you can see any that you make from now on.

Create New Bundles

See the Bundle You Created!

Tested this a couple of times in several conditions; it works. It still works. Dear God, this is weird.

Rename Tags

As one does.


Now that's one at a time. I started work--and kind of finished, in a very rough way--a javascript that will loop, but the API is remarkably unstable and it seems to really not take that well when I try it. So until I know if it works, or until someone else releases a better one, well, we're stuck.


If you use the tagging add-on, it will save whatever you just decided to bookmark immediately, as public. And there are no takebacks with cancel(at least, mine didn't, but that may be--shockingly, a bug, and yet I don't think so). You will have to go to delicious and manually delete.

Or do this.

*sighs* There has to be a way around this.

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