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you have got to be kidding me

Oh my holy God, what happened to delicious?

...okay, so, when they redesigned they were unable to color code and took away all the functionality?


Where are my tags?


Are they screening everything?

Delicious Blog which you will notice, the fuckers still have their own tags working fine.

Update 2

Okay, so pairing with / tags are broken, some kind of half-assed, half-erased line drawing is showing up in every note I have with a link to my account, as I might forget where it was if it wasn't there, were they alwasy randomly in italics, and important, now when I hit my Tag shortcut to tag something, it saves instantly instead of waiting for me to add my tag.

Okay, that part is okay. Except for the obnoxious text color, the terrible white space use, design elements courtesy of point and click, absolutely no sense of organization, the plethora of exclamation points (a thousand high school teenyboppers can only speak in monotone thanks to delicious), no workable public forum seems to be available and delicious, if you are afraid because you think it will be overrun with trolls, yes, it will.

And you deserve it.

Update 3 fandom:stargate:atlantis has, I believe, slightly more than five links attached. Where are the other ones?

Update 4 open this and login with your delicious account. It says it gets all posts, but mine cut off at September 2010. Also, apparently this is fairly intensive on the site.


Use the following string for a complete list of all your bookmarks and metadata

Where X equals your total number of bookmarks. Your login may not work at first; for people whose account was first yahoo, it's slightly more complicated but there's instructions at the API link below.

*stares at list* I feel better just being able to see they are all there.

Delicious API - still works, but yeah, bundles are gone, and search by tags will very likely not bring up your tags. Exactly two of mine show up. But I admit, it was comforting to see that nice long page o fall my links, even if that isn't all my links.

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