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The Toybox

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my saturday is not raining
children of dune - leto 1
I resent this. It teased yesterday for twentyish minutes and got everything briefly damp, then nothing. This is not a drought. This is like, IDK, the terrain of Venus. I do not even say our temperatures aren't comparable; have you been outside? Yeah.

In other news, amazon continues to please.

Great Maria by Cecilia Holland, $3.43, Kindle

Isabella by Loretta Chase, $0.99, Kindle, prequelesque to Mr. Impossible, Ms Wonderful, Mr. Perfect et al stories.

You know, at one time, I thought how ridiculously large the memory is on a Kindle. While I am not even close to hitting even a quarter, I have a very uncomfortable feeling that if amazon keeps having random sales on books, I am going to test the memory capacity. And adding fanfic by the dozens and dozens probably isn't helping, no.

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I upgraded devices because I ran out of room for books and fanfic, not because the digitizer was borked. Dammit I will not use more than one memory card!

Will iSilo work on Kindle? It's a great document converter with an ittybitty footprint.

You live in Texas don't you? So do I. We actually got a few hours of rain today where I live, but probably not enough to make any real dent. Still, I was ridiculously pleased to hear a thunderstorm again.

One of that last pair of Georgette Heyer books -- The Toll-Gate -- is going to be out in a few weeks at the $1.99 price, I got an e-mail informing me. And I may have to read that Loretta Chase book. (Already read Great Maria some time ago, as per an earlier rec of yours.)

We got like two inches of rain in Dallas Sunday night. And a three-hour power outage that has me restocking on candles at Wal-Mart on my next grocery run because we've had so many blackouts over the past few years the candles are in crappy shape. (And also restocking the oil and wicks for our hurricane lamp.)

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