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my saturday is not raining

I resent this. It teased yesterday for twentyish minutes and got everything briefly damp, then nothing. This is not a drought. This is like, IDK, the terrain of Venus. I do not even say our temperatures aren't comparable; have you been outside? Yeah.

In other news, amazon continues to please.

Great Maria by Cecilia Holland, $3.43, Kindle

Isabella by Loretta Chase, $0.99, Kindle, prequelesque to Mr. Impossible, Ms Wonderful, Mr. Perfect et al stories.

You know, at one time, I thought how ridiculously large the memory is on a Kindle. While I am not even close to hitting even a quarter, I have a very uncomfortable feeling that if amazon keeps having random sales on books, I am going to test the memory capacity. And adding fanfic by the dozens and dozens probably isn't helping, no.

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