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tv: downton abbey

New season coming up this next weekend! Because that was a very stressful ending.

Why for the love of God do I like Lady Mary so much?

Okay, the thing is, she annoys me so badly, and it's all her own behavior that's caused her problems (except the thing with the uberhot Turkish diplomat; holy God, better women than any of us would be throwing our skirts up to hit that until we die of exhaustion), but I don't even care. I am sending death thoughts at Matthew and want to strangle Edith in her sleep (though I do feel bad for her almost-fiancee; something about his eyes was sweet, and there was genuine affection between them. I hope eventually that works out). It's just--she's so proud and vulnerable and she has that spiteful streak (not to match Edith's, though) and she's incredibly kind when she forgets she's supposed to be above human emotions and goddammit, I didn't want to love her, but I do.

And I totally blame Matthew. (I KNOW I SHOULDN'T.) But I do.

Also, Bates and Anna break my heart and put it all together again. I do not know how he could be more awesome or she could be more utterly amazing (CARRIES DEAD TURKISH AMBASSADORS ALL CALM AND COOL) but oh. My heart.

My thoughts on Downton Abbey. New season! Wartime! MATTHEW IN A UNIFORM. And the Earl being awesome and maybe convincing Carson to perform for them! (I know this won't happen, but that ep was the funniest thing I have ever seen ever.)


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