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The Toybox

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coyote sightings before coffee
children of dune - leto 1
So far my morning has consisted of:

1.) getting up
2.) staring blankly at a coyote a few feet away at work

In general, one does not expect coyotes to materialize near one at work while one looks on in an orgy of 'wtf' and 'why am I here' and 'seriously, a coyote?'. And yet here we are, with coyote. Currently severeal persons are eyeing the area out back suspiciously for further canine intrusions.

...at least I am really awake now. There is that.

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*grinS* it really was, wasn't it? I still can't get over one this far into the city.

Wow, there's a wake-up call!!!

Like a cup of adrenaline, yes.

Urban coyotes are kind of the living embodiment of Not Giving A Shit. Humans within a few feet of where they want to go? Shit Totally Not Given. In the least.

Now the question is, was it *a* coyote or was it Coyote.

I didn't see anything labeled Acme, but that doesn't mean it wasn't hovering over our heads.

Coyotes adapt so well to an urban environment that they'll come into a neighborhood and snatch small pets. (There's a story I heard about one chasing a cat or a poodle or some such right through a pet door and into some woman's kitchen. Might have been in LA.) We used to have a lot of them in the house we lived in while I was in high school, but that was out in the sticks and it was pretty much expected. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't some pretty near where we live now, though -- it's in the suburbs, but right at the edge where the suburbs become more rural. A feed store and a field of llamas and ponies only a few miles down the road, that sort of thing. And I saw an armadillo crossing the road one night, plus the cats have caught a few wild rabbits, and there's our ongoing possum infestation, so I think we've got the wildlife population to support some coyotes.

I saw one loping across the parking lot of my workplace as I was walking up on time and nary a fuck was given that it was crossing the parking of a busy downtown store. Apparently, it had somewhere to be and a long way to go.

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